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Swimming distances, pace and HR problems.
(01-12-2019, 12:55 PM)crb Wrote:
(01-12-2019, 10:17 AM)the5krunner Wrote:
(01-11-2019, 10:40 AM)crb Wrote: Another test when running.
OHR have about 15-20 s delay comparing to M400 with chest strap.
At steady pace on flat surface Vantage M is off about 1-2 Heartbeat so it not bad.

But when 400 m hills started . M400 increased HR straight away.
Vantage M reacted 20 s later.  
I pushed really hard to the top of the hill. M400 got highest reading exactly at top hill 168. Then on flat section HR start to drop straight away.
Vantage M reach highest  HR 167,  50 m from top of the hill about 15 s later then M400.

Sprint on 110m Hill.
M400 Max HR 171 Exactly at top off the hill.
Vantage M reach max HR 25s after reaching top of the hill when i was running down the hill.

Looks like OHR only works well only on steady pace. Its not for people who are doing intervals, and relay on accurate HR readings.
Chest belt is essential for that accurate and immediately readings.

I thought that during exercise OHR is updated more often.

On daily use OHR needs about 30 s, when you stand still, to match that i measure manually from the same wrist I wearing watch.
And very often readings are about 3-5 bits off to comparing real one.

these are how the tech works on you
I did this big piece of how it works on me.
no doubt someone else will get different readings to us both.

Good stuff with all data you have gathered. 
I'm really serious when it comes to workout in zones HR or speed. Most training plans base on that.

If vantage would be my first watch, i would be please with watch.
But I still have my old M400 and have chance to compare them on the same workouts.
Unfortunately This is a watch for people who don't care about accuracy. 
At the end of the training distance is right, Average speed is right. But live readings are way off.
Purpose to having sport watch is to react on that whats happens during session. 

I really loved using Endomondo +chest belt. Audio feedback was nice thing to have. 
I invested in watch to have a instant access to HR readings or pace during workouts.

After today Parkrun when Vantage was all the time off with everything, I had worst HR readings since i had watch. Maybe because was bit colder than usually. 

I decided to invest in V800 as a upgrade from my M400. 
I wish to stay longer with M400 but because I'm more in Triathlon now V800 seems to be right choice for me.

Only thing i will miss from vantage is how comfortable it was on hand.
If chest strap would be included in a box that would be a different story then you may have a choice 100% Hr accuracy or OHR 30s ghost accuracy.

But then V800 offers  Orthostatic test and  a lot different functions which Vantage M don't have.

looks like you are talking about the Vantage V there.

My 'answer' is to use STRYD and a chest strap. That's what I've done for years with the Forerunner 935 for the exact same reason....accuracy.

However, me and others, are waiting for Polar to handle STRYD properly as a footpod. When they do that I'll probably use it in anger. (Vantage even gives me accurate enough HR in water...not true for others...but handy in a pool where a chest strap is embarassing)
I posted about the issues with the oHR is another thread here - after about 3 weeks, it was just totally erratic and reading almost always where off, often by +/- 20 either side of where it should be. I found that the HR would lock in to the ballpark area after around 30 seconds or so, pretty much proving to me it wasn't an issue with wrist placement (aka blame the user, not the product!), but with any sort of interval work with rapid changes, it was basically hopeless - this is for cycling and running.

In the end, I returned it to Amazon - I note on Amazon that yesterday there was double figure 'Used' from Amazon Warehouse, and LOTS of customer returns - many reviews are also saying the oHR is far worse than previous offerings.

The Polar M has by far the worse oHR I've used, its really not much better than the Amazfit Stratos oHR which is a bit of an indictment in my book.

Yes, I do use an HR belt, but thats really not the point - Polar are marketing this as their best and most accurate oHR and it's simply not.

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