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Power Meter Pedals (Need advice)
So over the last year, I've been overhauling my bike. Last summer I got properly fitted, put some awesome HED wheels on (over my old DT Axis 2.0 stock set, which were uber heavy), and earlier this year changed out my tires to the Continental GP5000 (Mostly because of the 5krunner's review) and I'm currently overhauling my entire groupset (Piecemeal 10speed Shimano 105 to 11 speed R8000 Ultegra manual with a few Dura Ace parts). 

I never invested in a power meter and now seems the best time to do so. As the title states, I'm not looking for a crank arm or install power meters, just pedals. I'm kind of torn here though. The new Vectors look great, but I've heard horror stories about them, Power tap just came out with a new model and then there's the Favero Assioma DUO which uses a different SPD-SL cleat than I'm used to using. What's the best version to look out for? 
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