Four Ways CBD Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

Four Ways CBD Can Improve Your Athletic Performance


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Whether you are a fitness lover, a regular gym-goer or a professional athlete, you probably tend to use a variety of supplements to improve performance. From stimulants to protein powders, there is a myriad of products that provide an extra edge.


Many doctors, health professionals and world-class athletes have spoken and advocated CBD and its benefits on their platform. The future of cannabidiol (CBD) remains bright, given how it has various possibilities across many disciplines and is yet to reach its fullest potential. Here are the top four reasons why using CBD oil is effective for enhancing your athletic performance.


Might Reduce Pain & Inflammation


If you are subjected to severe or chronic muscle cramps, you may have tried regular painkillers that may help. Even though these medications can bring temporary relief, they do not address the real cause of the discomfort. In addition, some medicaments can be addictive and contribute to misuse or abuse.


One of the promising benefits of CBD is thought to be its ability to help in relieving pain. CBD works with the biological endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body to aid in restoring balance, reducing inflammation and promoting pain relief.


May Decrease Stress & Anxiety


Just like many other individuals in the world, athletes are prone to anxiety and stress in their daily lives. However, they also can suffer from additional stress if they compete at a high level or play professional sports. This can seriously affect their sleep, mood and concentration – all of which can ultimately affect performance and, a while back, I tried Koi CBD Balm to help sleep with some success.

CBD is known to help diminish feelings of stress and anxiety, helping users feel more calm and relaxed. And again, this has a lot to do with how it positively influences the ECS and interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain.


Can Speed Up Recovery


Inflammation is a natural body’s response to stress, injury and tension, which usually occurs after exercising too hard. If left untreated, extreme inflammation can cause muscle damage as well as strains and sprains, which in turn contribute to aches, injuries and limited workout results and can even prevent a person from participating in future activities.


Since CBD can suppress inflammation, your muscles can recover faster after intense training. This means not only less pain and discomfort but also fewer rest days between extreme workout sessions and improved performance.


May Improve Sleep Quality


Getting a good quality night’s sleep and waking up feeling energised and refreshed is one of the most effective ways for a person to get the most out of his or her training regimen. Also, the most vital steps of muscle recovery occur when you are sleeping because, at that time, your body balances hormones, recharges, repairs and even drops fat.


If your insomnia or sleep troubles come from anxiety, pain or another condition, intake of CBD oil for sleep before bedtime may be beneficial. Due to CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety, calm the mind as well as diminish pain, chronic aches and muscle soreness, CBD can help you sleep better and promote more restful sleep.

For example, a 2019 study examined 72 adults with primary concerns of anxiety and poor sleep. This study found that 66.7% of patients improved their sleep quality scores after taking CBD daily for one month, but results fluctuated over time over time.

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