Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Hair

Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Hair

If you are dealing with hair loss issues or you just want to maintain the good quality of your natural hair, there are several nutrition tips that can help in having a thick, luxurious hairline. With the correct intake of proteins, minerals and vitamins, you can easily increase the chances of not losing your hair; more importantly, with an adequate diet, you can keep your hair shiny, strong and healthy.

Eating foods containing proteins is one of the main aspects that should concern you if you want to have a beautiful hair, as the hair itself is made out of proteins. Not eating a sufficient amount of protein based food could result in a brittle hair and it could also have a negative impact on it, as it could lead to hair loss. In this sense, it is advisable to include in your diet eggs, dairy products, turkey and fish, which are great sources of proteins.

Other types of foods that are essential for a great hair are those based on iron, which are generally obtained from meals such as red meat, fish and chicken, but vegetables can also be useful in this sense. For example, leafy greens – such as spinach, or broccoli are suitable in this situation. A low level of iron in your blood could also result in hair loss, due to the fact that the hair follicles receive oxygen from this mineral.

Add vitamins to your diet

Vitamins are essential for a healthy body, but they also impact the quality of your hair. Vitamin A, Vitamins C and B are of high importance in this sense, especially the first mentioned, as this substance is needed for the creation of sebum, which is used by the body as a type of natural conditioner. In order to increase the intake of vitamin A you could easily include in your diet beta-carotene based vegetables, such as pumpkins, sweet potatoes and carrots.

In order to have a healthy hair it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water, which is not only essential for your body, but also to your hair. When being hydrated in a suitable way, you will avoid a brittle, dry hair.

Biotin based diet

One of the most important elements for a healthy hair is represented by biotin based products. Biotin has a major impact on your hair, as it can help hair growth; having too little biotin could actually result in hair loss, which could lead to the need of addressing to a hair transplant clinic. If these supplements are used and if they do not provide a positive result, you can always address to a team of hair transplant specialists in Turkey (which is one of the leading destinations for hair transplant) or you can try other remedies that have proven to have a positive effect on the quality of the hair, such as nuts and Omega-3 based foods or avocado.


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