the5krunner goes in-depth with endurance sports electronics and performance sports products: detailed product reviews that stay online for all time; opinion and insight into the latest, greatest sporting innovations and training for endurance athletes; and journeys through the authors’ personal sporting endeavours & quests.




  • Approximately 4 million page views per annum for each of 2020 – 2022 (over 600,000 views in Mar 2023)
  • Over 1.5 million unique visitors per annum
  • English-speaking blog, multi-lingual audience on a Google-translateable site
  • Over 50% Europe
  • Over 30% North America
6 months to September 2022



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Quoted audience figures exclude Twitter followers (4500), Facebook followers (1800), Instagram followers (1500),  Pinterest followers, and youtube followers but may include WordPress followers. The blog/website is my primary channel for desktop & mobile. The blog has a subscription service that requires people to pay a nominal annual fee there are around 1000 subscribers like this. I also have email followers numbering over 2000 and a larger email database.

Potential Reach

Want to reach dcrainmaker and other peer-group influencers in the sports tech & endurance worlds? they regularly read & contribute to


Here are some partner references.

“North Pole Engineering and the5krunner have worked together to jointly promote our Runn smart treadmill sensor product for a year. The5krunner is our top affiliate partner who has produced awesome content to support our product and promotional activities.” [Ashley M., Marketing Specialist, North Pole Engineering]

“We’ve had an amazing experience working with the5krunner! Since joining it has brought a regular flow of traffic and sales to our website. Not only that, but it is bringing highly relevant users to our website with a much higher conversion rate! the5krunner’s content is also very authentic and personal to its experience and always shares any news we have about our product.” [Jackie C, Influencer Marketing Manager, Lumen]

“As an AI startup in the sports tech space we needed some quick exposure to more serious runners and the5krunner was able to give us that with over 100 signups to our beta ecosystem we got some great testers and runners who were willing to share videos of their running gait.“[Thomas B, CEO Movaai]

“the5krunner wrote a piece analyzing our weather service and comparing it to the competition. The analysis was open-minded and thoughtful. We were impressed that over 1250 clicks were directed to our site. The traffic directly led to Klimat’s biggest membership day to date which was a 33% increase over the previous high. A handy by-product of the coverage was that Dcrainmaker then also covered Klimat, which generated even more coverage and impressive day-over-day membership gains. Dcrainmaker’s reach is the best but it’s hard for many smaller entities to get his attention, so the5krunner is a great way to raise awareness to him as well as get a market-beating level of clicks.” [Scott F., Founder, Klimat]

“Ride with GPS has worked with the5krunner since 2019 and is one of our go-to media to reliably give us coverage for new product and feature announcements. We specifically appreciate that the5krunner gives detailed opinions and analysis over and above boilerplate press releases and, as such, adds value to our users and their readers.”  [Kevin P, Product Strategy & Marketing, Ride with GPS (RwGPS)]

“PowerDot and the5krunner have worked together to jointly promote our product for just under a year. The5krunner is one of the best-converting review sites that we work with. We attribute this success to the balanced reviews the site produces. In addition to the reviews, the5krunner also adds additional content when updates come out to our product features as well as promoting sale events. The5krunner is an integral part of our growth and product development, giving feedback and suggestions on new integrations and product releases.” Kirsten A, Community Manager, PowerDot

“SunGod has worked with on several of our sunglasses models to produce reviews and generate affiliate sales through our portal. writes detailed and fair reviews that we can track directly to lead to sales. At times is our highest referring affiliate and is usually comfortably in the Top 10” [David R, Head of Partnerships, SunGod]

“QuietOn worked with the5krunner to produce a review of our noise-cancelling sleep earbuds. The honesty and detail of the review worked well with new customers and generates a good, steady stream of sales of approximately 30 devices per month. Besides the high sales figures generated by the affiliate partner, we are also extremely pleased with the level of engagement with potential customers: By responding quickly and in detail to questions and comments from the5krunner’s audience, we benefit from high-quality traffic to our website.” [Julia R, PR & Marketing Specialist, QuietOn]

“the5krunner has always been a great PR resource for Firstbeat to spread awareness of our products & services and create interest within the endurance industry. Over the years, it has been clear that the5kreaders are engaged and active participants in many other forums. They come because they know they will get insight into new products that go well beyond the normal parroting of screen resolutions and battery life. When people are interested at that level you can be sure they are talking to others in their sports clubs, families, and daily lives and influencing their purchasing decisions as a result.” [Herman B, Communications Specialist, Firstbeat Technologies (since taken over by Garmin)] 

“the5krunner wrote a comprehensive and informative review about a major new feature that we launched on The review attracted a lot of interest, generating over 1000 visits to our website and a noticeable uplift in user registrations.” [John, Owner, ]

“Since 2019 the5krunner has written numerous reviews of our products, each one going above and beyond in order to accurately introduce our various cycle computers to potential customers to make well-informed purchase decisions. Additionally, the5krunner is constantly engaged with not only our team (providing insightful feedback which helps direct our product development) and the very active audience of the site, but also in other industry forums and media outlets adding value beyond the confines of “the5krunner”.  The in-depth and unbiased reviews have positively affected our sales and have helped us to gain footing in new markets that we are trying to develop. For these reasons and more, the5krunner remains among our top reviewers.”  [Thomas R., Marketing Specialist, Bryton]


Potential Reach Examples – from Meltwater IMPACT




A custom offering is straightforward to agree to & deliver. Standard, more traditional, offerings include:

Your Content or Your Links

  • Single link Insertion in selected existing content or hosting the original content that you write for one commercial link:
    • £400 for CBD (smoking), alcohol, crypto, casino and gambling (these kinds of links damage my site, hence the price)
    • £250 for everything else
    • Simple dofollow link/URL insertion eg NicerShoes eg PokerStars


  • DETAILED REVIEW: £1700 – £2300 – Detailed product review commensurate in length with the complexity of the product being reviewed, including a comparative accuracy test with my images and syndicated through my social media
  • SHORT REVIEW: from £950 – Shortform review/look (ideal for a straightforward product like earbuds)

All media is self-created unless otherwise stated. No ‘stock’ media is required.


I don’t really want to host adverts but I’m open to suggestions

  • from £500pcm (minimum commitment 1 quarter) – Ongoing ‘mentions’ (4/month) to a single client-specified series of backlinks. eg WAHOO Migration
  • £600 per existing product review inclusion (minimum 2 products) – Inserting product mentions and links to your product into my existing high-ranking content eg into high-ranking reviews of leading sports watches. I could specifically test your PRODUCT X’s compatibility with that product and then change the review to reflect that. Eg Garmin Fenix 6/7/9955/945, Polar Vantage V2, Suunto 9, etc
  • from £500pcm (minimum commitment 1 quarter) – Right sidebar ad 220x140px (approx.) + single client specified backlink. Location: Above existing red text-image “Support the5krunner”
  • £2400pcm (minimum commitment 1 quarter) – Header ad, 1024x154px (approx.)


  1. I will not consider offensive content, I prefer gender-neutral content. I will not consider immoral content.
  2. Casino/gambling, CBD oils, CBD seeds, and Bitcoin-related content is ok
  3. Links are ‘do-follow’
  4. I reserve the right to label content as sponsored if it is sponsored.
  5. Content is usually permanent although our agreement is for a year.

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