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2016-7: Two Years-In-Review

Some of 2016 &2017’s biggest talking points.

September 2017: Speculation on the greatest ever running watch – FR645





Newton Gravity 6 Running shoeAugust 2017: Newton Gravity VI – 5 runs 






July 2017: Economics of exporting bike bits from the USA to the Eu





June 2017: Your Running vs Triathlon running





Garmin 735XT Optical ELEVATEMay 2017: Fix optical HRM and chest Strap HRM Issues





Kinetic Revolution, James Dunne, Free 30 Day Challenge, Run Strength Training ProgrammeApril 2017: Mirinda Carfrae – Running Form Analysis




IronMan 70.3 StaffordshireMarch 2017: My Ironman Journey continues



suunto spartan sport whr valencellFebruary 2017: the best GPS running watches





SHFT RUN + Garmin HRM-TRI + Runscribe + STRYDJanuary 2017: SHFT – smart running coach






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