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Mini-Blog – the5krunner

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From March 2018 onwards I am building up new and different content on my Instagram feed. The plan is to have one image per day and a new, short & chatty paragraph that is Endurance/Triathlon-related. Probably most usually a picture of a watch 😉 Well, sometimes.

Bike and swim pics too…obviously!

The image will usually have already been somewhere on the blog or scheduled to appear on the blog #SneakPreview. However the paragraph or two that I add will be unique content.

Tech Details

I am using the LATER.COM service to schedule and post on Instagram. Instagram will also share the mini-blog to Twitter and Facebook. So the eagle-eyed amongst you will have realised that Facebook will then merge the regular blog content and the mini-blog content. The same is true of Twitter but the content will be naturally truncated and will further include my witterings. And I think all of it gets shunted to Tumblr…although I never really use that; I think it does wierd things with the images too.


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