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Pirelli P ZERO Race TLR RS Tyre Review [Clincher/TLR]

Pirelli P ZERO Race TLR RS Review - A GP5000 contender if you want a fast,…

Samsung Sues Oura over Ring – key facts, no waffle

This is an extremely serious commercial attack against Oura.

Leveraging User Interface Data for Improving Customer Retention Strategies at BetOnRed


Ravemen PR1400 Review – Headight or Garmin/Wahoo charger – very bright [PR1400, PR2000, PR2400]

Ravemen PR1400 Review a highly compenet light for road cyclist and decent for off-road, also charges…

Wahoo KICKR MOVE Review – the 5 cons❌ and 5 pros✔️

Wahoo KICKR MOVE Review - a piece of excellent quality kit offering the most comfortable indoor…

Cervelo Aspero Sale – 30% off

25-30% off, many colours and sizes available

ASSOS X WHOOP: Butt-measured HR on Whoop-branded, ASSOSS UMA GT C2 cycling bib shorts

Cycling's first tech bib shorts but I was more interested in measuring HR on my butt.…

Hammerhead Karoo 3 – Features and fixes May 2023 – key facts, no waffle

Karoo 3 was that routes were not invisibly synced from, say, RwGPS to the device.

[Photo Leak] Coros Dura – Bike Computer – Coming june 2024

a very interesting move by Coros

Luna Oculus – Cycling’s Latest RearView Camera and Proximity Alert with a novel twist

anyone wearing lycra will probably have one of the Garmin/Magene/Bryton alternatives that integrate with bike computers.

£30 off Karoo 3

Hammerhead Karoo 3 - £30 off

Garmin Pin-Drop Navigation – How this useful feature works

This is a nice feature but not implemented as well as it could be.