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English: A photo of Chrissie Wellington competing in the the 2008 Frankfurt Ironman triathlon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Performance Analysis

This service is a one-off assessment of where you are now and what you need to do to get where you want to be for your next race. Or an alternative would be a detailed view on a specific question you pose regarding your training/racing regime.

Who is this suitable for? – anyone who has plateaud in their training – anyone who is concerned about their progress towards a key race goal – anyone who self-coaches/self-trains and wants an independent one-off view. – anyone who has’t got time to trawl for information on their specific concerns – triathletes, duathletes, runners and cyclists.

Who are you? So, you could be: a parkrunner stuck on 20:15, desperate to do 19:59; or you could be a competent triathlete/duathlete looking for Age Group qualification; or you could be looking for a medal at the AG Champs; or you could just be interested in someone else spending a bit of time looking at you with your sporting hat on … sporto-analysis(?) rather than psycho-analysis!

Who is this not suitable for

  • swimmers, technique is so important and I would need to see it in the flesh to offer meaningful advice.
  • elite athletes, you already have this service! and you have the access to advanced lab/coaching resources on a one-to-one basis.
  • full distance athletes. I have a good but not excellent knowledge of the long events like IronMan

What I need from you

  • Your race goal (keep it simple): date, position &/or performance level.
  • Recent relevant performances (ideally the full race results spreadsheets) – Performance stats
  • Ideally heart rate and pace/power/seed/cadence statistics from your training for at least 2 months
  • You’ll give me a lot of data hopefully but I won’t analyse all of it in detail. I will look at summaries of it so if there are specific performances you want me to focus on then let me know.
  • General performance improvements you have made over the years.
  • Your training zones, whichever you use.
  • A detailed overview of your kit and kit budget.
  • Anything else you want me to consider, if you don’t mention it I probably won’t consider it. eg if transition lets you down then tell me! I won’t necessarily pick that up from data files you send or race results
  • Details of any plan you are following and/or any concerns about it.
  • Is there anything you don’t want me to do? If I came back with the recommendation of buying a £5,000 bike then a) I’d be a bit stupid and b) you’d probably have got the same advice for free from your local bike shop! So I can point you in GENERAL directions regarding kit (kit suppliers will have a wider but more biased knowledge than me) but I CAN point you in specific directions regarding your training. If you already have a coach, however, then they should be your first port of call for this type of advice unless you want a 2nd/independent opinion.

The process: After you send me the data/information I need there will be questions I need you to anser to fill in any gaps. I’ll come back to you with what I think the nature of your ‘problem’ is. You can challenge and/or expand on that. Then I come back to you in detail and you can ask me questions on what I report back to you with. The scope of what I come back to you with will vary greatly; it may inlclude pretty graphs or it may include recommendations of specific pieces of kit. I’m always happy to answer ongoing questions but please remember that I have to make a living and this is a fixed price service.

I’ll probably devote 3 or more hours to this and I charge £75.

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