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I was recently looking at compression calf wear for my tender calves. In that process I stumbled across Strammer Max Shapewear socks. And very nice they are too.

I also then was directed towards compression tops. I had a few discussions about that general area on a forum some time ago and was made aware of some of the potential benefits of compression tops. They would have the same recovery benefits as leg based one for swimmers but for runners and cyclists the benefits might be less obvious.

It seems to me that the potential exists for compression tops to give some benefits for the core. However there is also a postural benefit. As you progress with your running you may well rue the early day that you did not focus on your technique as much as you might. Sub-optimal running technique can affect your plateau-point by a couple of minutes over a 5k I reckon. You look at someone who trains harder than you but who is slower or you look at someone who trains less than you but is faster. There’s many reasons to explain that but technique/economy is likely to be one.

One component to running technique is posture. which brings us back to compression tops. A tighter top might be able to trick the body to tightening muscles at some point on the body or might just promote more general postural awareness.

The arrival of my Strammer Max top coincided nicely with the arrival of a similarly targeted Compressport product. Both are priced around £40-45, so not cheap but you might compare that to the elite 2xu leggings which I recall from a few years ago were £100 !!. so maybe £45 is a bargain that might also make you look a bit more muscly !

So here are the twe boxes. The strammermax box is VERY high quality. the Compressport box probably looks a bit more snazzy and sporty. then again you wear the garment not the box!

Inside again you find the quality of the packaging of the Strammer Max is more ‘refined’ and luxurius. The Compressport is again geared more towards a sporty purchaser.

Here’s the Compressport. Before you point out the creases  I will point out to you that I don’t do ironing. anyway it’s probably best not to iron technical sportwear.

It is not a plain fabric there are numerous holes and panels of differing structure.

The Strammer Max is similarly unironed! It too has panels of differing textile construction. The Strammermax I would say is more ‘vest’ like whereas the Compressport is more like a sports’ top in looks.

Sizing. You order based on your chest size. However I would say that you should knock off 4-5cm from your real chest size and order based on that. I’m probably a large size. However I tried on the large Compressport in a shop and it fitted like a T-shirt would – little compression. The size smaller was the best. similarly when ordering the Strammer Max I went for a size smaller and that was the right choice IMHO.

In Use:

The Strammer Max is more of a compression undergarment for post-exercise, in my case. Maybe if you are a skier then it would be great as an undergarment. for triathletes/runners even in a cool climate it would probably be too warm, most of the time.

The Compressport is more of a very technical sport T-shirt for use during sport. And it looks the part.

I’ve got both, I’m happy.


Strammermax shirts:



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