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click here -contribute greyI use paypal to process transactions. You can use a credit card as part of that process. You can opt-out of any recurring payments. I do not store your credit card info. I do not sell or give away your info. But you are creating an account so your LoginID and email will be stored in my wordpress environment where I require myself to have 2FA and whitelisted IP addresses to access the admin side of, so that’s hopefully more secure than many of the other places we trust our details to.


  1. Removal of external ads. The flashy ads on the sidebar, the video-ad, the footer-ad and ads in a few other places will be the ones that no longer appear when you go ad-Free.
  2. Speed. With the external ads removed the site should be consistently quick. Your support also pays for the special CDN hosting just for you guys across the pond; meaning comes directly to you from the USA or the UK – whichever is fastest.
  3. Sneak Previews. Pre-Notification/Privileged/Early access to some content. This will work as follows:
    • You will get exclusive access to at least one monthly piece of ‘notable’ content. This might include reviews of already-announced products, speculative pieces and opinion pieces. This policy will be continually reviewed in case it unduly annoys non-supporters.
    • FUTURE: If you sign up to the email list you will occasionally be emailed when more significant posts are about to appear. Because of the nature of NDAs, the email notification may be somewhat cryptic.
    • FUTURE: Pre-public notification of selected special product deals to subscribers, notably where volumes are limited.
  4. FUTURE: Plus “less chatty stuff“: contains a variety of content types from ‘weighty’ to ‘trivial’. All the ‘weighty’ stuff will be included here in this feed This will include OPINIONS and REVIEWS but not ‘What oil I used on my chain this morning‘. Thus if you are time-limited and only want to read the key stuff then you can use that feed and, if you are also a subscriber, all content in that feed will be immediately visible to you.
  5. OPTIONAL: I try to respond in detail to as many comments from subscriber as I can. If you pose a question through the comments, you will be flagged up as a MEMBER/SUPPORTER and I will do my best to properly reply.

You will be in awesome company – DCR signed up (Member=Supporter)



  1. Why are you doing this? The external ads are an important revenue source for me. At the same time I fully appreciate they annoy some people. Becoming a Supporter is a low-cost way for regular visitors to get a faster, clutter-free experience.
  2. Can I get a refund? There are no refunds for the current period your subscription runs for.
  3. When can I cancel? You can cancel the subscription anytime via the account settings on this site or through paypal. It’s more complicated cancelling the payment from within paypal unless you already know how. See: Manage an existing account. Cancelling stops the next payment happening but does not refund part of the current payment.
  4. I still see ads. Why? If you are seeing ads on pages you have visited before you logged in then it’s possible that you are viewing cached pages. Please refresh your browser – eg press F5 on some keyboard/browser combinations. There may also be unusual mobile operating systems or versions that I have not tested. If you are being shown the pages as http rather than https then http will still shown ads – please let me know, it shouldn’t happen.
  5. My user ID and password are not remembered on InPrivate browsing. Why? That’s how In-Private browsing works, I can’t control that.
  6. How can I check everything is working fine? See the Test Page below or click-through here (link to:
  7. As a paid-up supporter, why can’t I see all content? That should never happen. Please email me on after you have checked the status of your subscription (link to:
  8. Will the price go up? The price may go up for new subscribers and lapsed subscribers further down the line. If you stay continually singed up for the initial 49p/month for 3 months offer then that price will NEVER change for you. #InflationBuster. I stopped the 49p/one month (single month) offer as paypal took about half of the money as a fee.
  9. Is this all GDPR compliant? Yes.
  10. I am signed up but I don’t have the special access to sneak previews? If you see a warning that you can’t access certain content then you do NOT have the access that you should have, please contact me. Otherwise you WILL have access to the sneak previews, it’s just that there is no notification to you that the content you are reading has ‘special access’…it’s all seamless to you.

Test Page

The following linked page is permanently set to be visible only to subscribers. If you can read it your subscription is probably working (link to: 

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