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Thank you for supporting this blog. All support is greatly appreciated.


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I use PayPal to process transactions. You can use a credit card as part of that process. You can opt out of any recurring payments. I do not store your credit card info. I do not sell or give away your info. But you are creating an account so your LoginID and email will be stored in my WordPress environment where I require myself to have 2FA and whitelisted IP addresses to access the admin side of, so that’s hopefully more secure than many of the other places we trust our details to.


  1. Ad-Free: As of 1 May 2021 the ad-free service works. A valid subscription removes all programmatic ads served by AdSense and Monumetric. There are occasional partner links and buy links which specifically help you buy from sites that support the work here.
  2. Editable Comments: You press ‘post’ and then regret it. Now you can edit your comment (time limits apply)
  3. Speed. Ad-Free access should give a quick experience as the only thing which slows down this site is the ads. Your support also helps pay for speed-boosting techy things like WebP image compression and CDN hosting just for you guys across the pond; meaning comes directly to you from the USA or the UK and with the quickest images possible.
  4. Help!: I try to respond in detail to as many comments from subscribers as I can. If you pose a question through the comments, you will be flagged up as a MEMBER/SUPPORTER/SUBSCRIBER and I will do my best to properly reply.
  5. Chat!: There is a supporter-only chat zone via restricted-access comments here.
  6. Privileged Access: I publish supporter-only content including detailed accuracy tests, detailed forward-thinking industry thoughts or just the odd random review.
  7. Free 5K Plan: Once you’ve subscribed, fill in the information on this page and I will send a personalised 5K plan for the subscriber at the registered subscriber email address. It’s an excellent and detailed plan for good to decent runners. You don’t have to pay and please do flag up that you are a supporter when you submit your info
  8. Highlighting/Copying: Once logged in you will be able to highlight and copy text FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE.
  9. Notifications or no notifications: Once you have logged in, you can change between instant notifications or a once-weekly digest…or no notifications at all.

You will be in the awesome company of Mr DCR (Member=Supporter) & I do reciprocate, of course.



  1. Why are you doing this? Not everyone wants to support the site by purchasing things from my affiliates but still wants to support the site.
  2. Can I get a refund? There are no refunds for the currently active period of your subscription.
    • Why? Some people want to only read one specific piece of content.
  3. When can I cancel? You can cancel the subscription anytime via the account settings on this site or through PayPal (Paypal link, may change). It’s more complicated cancelling the payment from within PayPal unless you already know how to. See: Manage an existing account. Cancelling stops the next payment from happening but does not refund part of the current payment.
  4. My user ID and password are not remembered on InPrivate browsing. Why? That’s how your settings are on your browser’s In-Private browsing, I can’t control that.
  5. How can I check everything is working fine? See the Test Page below or go here (link to
  6. As a paid-up supporter, why can’t I see all content? That should never happen. Please email me at in**@th*********.com after you have checked the status of your subscription (link to:
  7. Will the price go up? Maybe but probably not. I’ve stopped the monthly/quarterly subscriptions as the PayPal fees were too high (literally more than 50% for the monthly option)
  8. Is this all GDPR compliant? Yes.

Test Page

The following linked page is permanently set to be visible only to subscribers. If you can read it your subscription is probably working (link to 

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