Edge 520

Garmin Edge 520 – all time low – time to buy

The price of the Edge 520 has just plummeted on Amazon.co.uk and is also $70 off the Amazon.cm price. As you can see below, the price has never before been this low on Amazon.co.uk. The link below clicks through to your local Amazon store…hopefully the same kind of deal is global

Polar M450, Garmin Edge 820, Garmin Edge 810, MIO Cyclo 505HC

Garmin Edge 1030 (1010)? Set for 2017?

No doubt the Fenix 5 stocks are being carefully packed on pallets to grace the freight holds of our favourite airlines as they race to Europe and North America from Asia. But what about the cycling computers? Garmin are still sorting out the Edge 820. But that’s going to be mostly software/firmware work. Leaving the…

Updates: Garmin Edge: 510, 520, 1000

More improvements in the Garmin cycling ecosystem. Essentially further moves to get all the bits working with all the other relevant bits. A trend, Isuspect, that Garmin will continue. I was expecting an announcement from Garmin today of ‘something’. Something a bit more exciting than this though – like a new Edge 820. Oh well.…