Apple Watch Heads Up Display – Navigr8 and ActiveLook – TBT Directions, Compass and Varia H.U.D.

following complex instructions it must be beneficial to have that info in your field of vision

Apple’s microLED WILL Go Ahead – first microLED to hit the market in months (from a different watch company)

tech press suggest that Apple has canned its microLED project. This is complete nonsense

4iiii’s  PRECISION 3+ PRO – first fully Apple Compatible Power Meter

cycling power, advanced metrics and FindMy support for your Apple Watch Ultra 2 and iPhone

[April 2024] Sports Watch & Bike Computer Update: All new Models, Planned, Rumors + dates for all Garmin, Apple, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo

Edge 140 (Apr 2024), Edge 1050 or 1040 AMOLED (Apr 2024), Forerunner 165 (Feb 2024), Instinct…

Garmin or Apple to buy Peloton in 2024?

Apple or Garmin? Which will acquire Peloton first in 2024?

💣 Bombshell 💣Fossil Quits Wear OS – Good news for Samsung? Defintiely good news for Apple. Garmin? #shrug

The stage is set for Apple vs Google/Samsung/Fitbit. Maybe Garmin will get a walk-on role

Apple Watch microLED – battery savings examined

oosting the Apple Watch Ultra's real sports battery life from 12 to 16 hours is a…

USA: Apple stops Watch Sales then starts them again

a highly complex and expensive process and is the reason why Apple will settle with Massimo.…

TrainingPeaks + Apple Watch | How to link and execute your structured workouts

Apple Watch users aspiring for more serious training will find an exciting new feature here

new Apple SPORTS Journal?

Apple Journal is taking a more personal approach with some clever links to your sporting endeavours…

new Garmin, Polar, Suunto for 2024 ————- Sports Watch & Bike Computer Update: All new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models with GPS. Rumors + dates for all Garmin Gadgets & Wearables, Plus Apple, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo,

Edge 140 (Apr 2024), Edge 1050 or 1040 AMOLED (Apr 2024), Forerunner 45 (Mar 2024), Instinct…

Apple Sports Apps of the Year – iPhone and Watch 2023

the Watch app looks particularly good with excellent graphics for execution and a good take on…