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April 2019: Sports Watch Update: ‘All’ new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models with GPS. Rumours of replacement dates for Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Fitbit

  V2.089 – 18 April 2019 This post is regularly updated before being replaced, periodically, with a new one that contains a more pertinent introduction & commentary. The intent is to give you an idea of which GPS Triathlon, Bike and Run sports devices are available NOW and likely to be superseded soon or which…

Pro Triathlete Training Week

It’s always interesting to hear how fellow athletes train. It puts your efforts into perspective and also motivates you toward better outcomes. A while back I found Mo Farah’s typical training week hidden away on the net. You never know if these sources are really what the athletes adhere to, especially in the likely-to-be-secretive training…

Coros Apex

COROS APEX – New Running Watch

COROS have just sneaked out a new running watch. The COROS APEX The details are somewhat thin on the ground right now but this looks like a rather sweet-looking, nice-screened running watch with quite a few nice features. (Ty @PeteA for the heads up) BACKGROUND COROS do smart helmets and recently the bizarrely well-performing GPS…

Coros Pace Review M1 Multisport

COROS Pace Giveaway

The nice people at COROS are giving away one of their super triathlon COROS Pace watches This competition is NOT run by me but please do enter on their Instagram page Link to competition (here) on More info about the watch is below in my review Coros Pace Review  

RunScribe Plus V3

New RunScribe Plus Hardware Iteration

I’ve recently received a new, modified version of RunScribe Plus pods. They look identical to the originally released V3 pods and indeed still show up as a V3 pod on the RunScribe app. However the main hardware ‘fix’ is with the signal strength. Garmin were VERY naughty when they released the Fenix 5 and 5S…

Coros Pace Review M1 Multisport

COROS Pace Review

In this COROS Pace Review we take a good look at the latest GPS, multi-sport watch from COROS. The Pace model is sometimes called the PACE MULTISPORT or PACE M1. Either way, it’s their first triathlon watch. I have been using the Pace for about 2 months and have been waiting to produce this review…