Coros Pace 3 Accuracy

Great GPS...not so great optical HR

Coros Pace 3 – the best GPS? (more tests including HR and Elevation)

Based on this test, Pace 3 is doing well when close to buildings

Big Coros Update – Plans, HRV and more

The only thing that did initially interest me was the personalised marathon training plan.

Coros Pace 3 – 20-25% price rises – Are They Justified?

has the company lost its dominance of the 'value' end of the pricing with inflation-busting 20-25%…

all the negatives, Coros Pace 3 Review ❌ don’t upgrade

Coros Pace 3 review: it's good but so is the older one

Coros Pace 3 poll & teaser

will the Coros Pace 3 have an AMOLED screen?

new Coros Features with Turn By Turn

Chinese sports watch company Coros announces nice changes to its already good feature set.

new Coros Apex 2 Pro ⛰️ Chamonix ⛰️ Edition ⛰️

There IS more to come from COROS. Watch this space.

COROS Heart Rate Monitor Review

COROS Heart Rate Monitor - A quick look at the company's first optical HR band

press release: COROS unveils the second generation of its VERTIX 2 Carabiner

Built for the demands of expert climbers

Coros – Massive Changes 2023…all the details

Platform-wide improvements for the entire Coros ecosystem

COROS PACE 2 Eliud Kipchoge Road to Boston Giveaway

COROS PACE 2 Eliud Kipchoge Road to Boston Giveaway