MyWhoosh Review After 500km

Considering it's a freebie, I'm at a loss to why more people don't use it

Strava Updates Heatmaps – Gravel and Mountain Bike now included

everyone in the SW on England probably knows those two MTB locations but the same data…

World Record Strava Art

fun Fact 1: The final stage of the TdF will be moved from Paris because of…

new iGPSPORT iGS800 – Premium GPS Bike Computer Specifications and Features

I expect iGPSPORT iGS800 to be a decent bike computer very much on par with the…

Reese’s Law impacts several US cycling & sports electronics firms from TODAY

Sales Halted: a few companies, including one power meter company, have overlooked compliance and have now…

3 Ways I will Definitely Get Faster This Year [Freespeed]

Take Out: I'm going faster this year

Cycling: What’s My W’- how do I calculate it? and should I care?

W'bal is more useful at any given moment in the ride.

new Wahoo For January 2024 – what to expect?

I like the idea of Group Radr, 3rd party connectivity and 'something to do with digitised…

new Garmin LAP UNDO – how does it work? Pointless?

This is possibly the greatest feature ever implemented by Garmin and will likely change the face…

Stories Behind Garmin Stats: Insights into Users’ Athletic Progress in 2023

many interesting nuggets are hiding behind the headline numbers from each sport.

Red Bull now controls a Tour de France Team

Red Bull has just acquired a 51% stake in the professional cycling team Bora Hansgrohe.

Garmin Edge 530 overtaken by Wahoo bolt in Strava Uploads [USA, official figures]

In the world's largest and most lucrative market, Wahoo has taken the lead in cycling