Garmin Descent G1 – Half the price of Garmin’s MK2i – a quick review

Garmin has just released a new, lower-cost dive model at $549 based on the Instinct 2

Garmin Descent MK2S Announced

The Descent is a dive watch and the MK2S is the small format version of the…

Garmin Descent mk2 and mk2i lauched – comparison to Mk1 and specifications

Garmin has just launched the Descent MK2i, which is their latest dive computer.

parkrun : difficulty ratings, adjusted times for toughest / hardest / easiest courses

parkrun Adjusted Course Times – Difficulty Ratings All 5k parkruns are not created equal. Some are…

Garmin Fenix DESCENT Preview & Specifications

Well, it’s called the Garmin DESCENT but it’s basically the FENIX in all but name. It…