Garmin Edge 1040/840/540 – Quarterly Firmware Update – Only one new feature of note

Only one new feature of note

Next Gen Garmin GPS Bike Computers Might Have These Features

Garmin HAS to innovate to survive. Perhaps all the easy innovation has now mostly been done,…

Garmin Edge 1050 (AMOLED) – Speculation

It will be an Edge 1040 Plus.

Garmin Edge 540/840 will get Group Messaging Tweak

More messages...richer feature?

Garmin Edge 540/840 will get Sensor Setup Tweak

This looks like it will be a nice tweak to an existing feature...if it works.

new Garmin Edge 840 Solar – Inbound

a smaller format Edge 1040/Edge 1040 Solar. And the reason is that is precisely what the…

Garmin Updates – availability of new Features explained

2023 - What new Garmin features can we expect?

Wahoo vs Hammerhead: Bike Screen & Data Field Layout: Chris Froome vs Me

Perhaps muscle oxygen, blood glucose, hydration, lactate and core temperature will one day have their place…

new Garmin Edge features – interesting additions

There are updates today to the Edge 830, 530 and 1030 Plus with several bug fixes…

Garmin Fenix & Edge firmware – some minor interest additions but mostly bug fixes

There are a lot of firmware updates today to MARQ and Fenix 6 as some minor…

Garmin Edge 1040 – Garmin leaks new top-end Bikenav

Garmin has recently published several lists of devices one of which included the as-yet-unreleased Edge 1040.…

Which is the worst? | Wahoo vs Hammerhead vs Garmin

Which is the worst? | Wahoo vs Hammerhead vs Garmin. A high level look at the…