Next Gen Garmin GPS Bike Computers Might Have These Features

Garmin HAS to innovate to survive. Perhaps all the easy innovation has now mostly been done,…

big Coros Feature Update Q1.2024

the live date for the new features is 1st February. Enjoy.

Garmin Q4 Features – Skin Temperature and much more

With caveats, you get the new features providing you have one of the more modern watches

new Coros Features with Turn By Turn

Chinese sports watch company Coros announces nice changes to its already good feature set.

new Garmin sports features inbound

New gym features and climb features are on their way

My 5 favourite and least favourite Garmin features

I've been reflecting on what I like about Garmin for my training and what I'm less…

inbound: More Garmin Features

audio notes, dance metrics, new event organisatio and a bit more

Garmin – new features leak (a big one!)

Added: Touchscreen Adjustment to Workout Intensity...and MUCH more

Garmin Updates – availability of new Features explained

2023 - What new Garmin features can we expect?

Apple Watch Ultra – all new features, editions, specs & sizes

Apple Watch Ultra - all you need to know plus a lot more that you don't…

Coros – 10 More Features ! or 10 More Shrugs?

But hey, Coros owners, your features are bigger. And it's always size that counts right?

new Garmin Firstbeat Sports Physiology Features – What’s Next? [Speculation]

Regular readers will expect me to suggest Running Power here, but I'll gloss over that for…