Garmin Forerunner Launch DATE Confirmed

A Danish retailer has confirmed the launch of a Garmin watch for...

is Garmin 965 Accurate? full report

The current level of technology across the key sports watch companies - Garmin, Apple, Coros, Polar…

New Features Updated on Garmin Forerunner 955 and 255

We've had some good trailers for today's announcements of new LIVE Garmin firmware on Forerunner/Fenix devices.

detailed Garmin Triathlon Battery Life Comparisons 965 vs 745 vs 265 vs 265s

The new battery lives seem too good to be true. I'm sceptically hopeful they are true.

Garmin Forerunner 265 (yep!) Pictures – What we know so far

Garmin Forerunner 265 Pictures (yep, you read that correctly)

Don’t Buy The Forerunner 955 – Here’s Why

However, my job today is to persuade you not to buy one.

1st June: Garmin confirms launch date (likely 255 & 955)

Wednesday 1st of June is re-confirmed and this time directly by Garmin as a 'big' launch…

archive ❌ 955 and 255 FCC Filing Updates Confirm Garmin’s Latest Forerunners

For those of you who want to delve further into Garmin's filings here are links to…

archive ❌ Garmin Forerunner 955 Series – What to expect on 1st June 2022

Garmin Forerunner 955 Series - What models & features will we see?

new Garmin 255 – Inbound – A Forerunner with new formats

What, No AMOLED? No Solar?

Garmin 945LTE Feature Catchups – Plus, Where Are All The New Garmins?

The 945LTE adds Body Battery 2.0 and Strength 2.0, plus more

new Garmin Fenix 6, FEnix 5, Enduro features – Beta

Added sleep tracking widget with sleep score and insights by Firstbeat Analytics Added metabolic calories