leak Garmin Forerunner 965 – might be close

This leak is plausibly genuine nad also indicates that Runningxpert's stock might have been originally arriving…

Garmin Forerunner 265 (yep!) Pictures – What we know so far

Garmin Forerunner 265 Pictures (yep, you read that correctly)

Don’t Buy The Forerunner 955 – Here’s Why

However, my job today is to persuade you not to buy one.

1st June: Garmin confirms launch date (likely 255 & 955)

Wednesday 1st of June is re-confirmed and this time directly by Garmin as a 'big' launch…

archive ❌ 955 and 255 FCC Filing Updates Confirm Garmin’s Latest Forerunners

For those of you who want to delve further into Garmin's filings here are links to…

archive ❌ Garmin Forerunner 955 Series – What to expect on 1st June 2022

Garmin Forerunner 955 Series - What models & features will we see?

new Garmin 255 – Inbound – A Forerunner with new formats

What, No AMOLED? No Solar?

Garmin 945LTE Feature Catchups – Plus, Where Are All The New Garmins?

The 945LTE adds Body Battery 2.0 and Strength 2.0, plus more

new Garmin Fenix 6, FEnix 5, Enduro features – Beta

Added sleep tracking widget with sleep score and insights by Firstbeat Analytics Added metabolic calories

Garmin SLEEP TRACKING on the 745 and 945 – 245 gets ADAPTIVE TRAINING

you will be delighted that Garmin has added SLEEP tracking to the 745. The cut down…

new VO2max Features For Fenix & Forerunners … and Enduro

I was trying to keep my powder dry on the new features that will appear in…

Garmin 305 – Retro GPS Test Results Are In – Were The Glory-Days Glorious? Or Rose Tinted?

Honestly folks, here's proof that the Forerunner 305 wasn't as accurate as we all thought it…