Garmin Growth Continues – Q1.2024 results show surge in EMEA and FITNESS

Garmin continues to buck the recessionary elements in global markets.

Mid-Week Mini News Stories – Garmin, Google, MyWhoosh, Stages

Here is more information that I've not covered before

new Garmin Connect v5.0 – now live

at the same time, it's a wasted opportunity. If only it looked great...

Garmin Index BPM now available in Europe

Garmin Index BPM now available in Europe

Garmin Fenix 7/Epix get European Outdoor Maps+ option … at a price

Alternative: - is a dedicated Garmin map site with some great OSM options with global…

Garmin Edge GoPro Control Coming Soon – Natively and via Connect IQ

GoPro control should be possible...and it is.

Garmin Edge 1040/840/540 – Quarterly Firmware Update – Only one new feature of note

Only one new feature of note

Can Garmin Learn from Whoop Bot? Will it introduce an AI coach?

Q: Will Garmin do Something Similar? A: Yes, I would have thought so.

are in-app ads fair in Garmin Connect – opinion

I don't mind the occasional ad for Garmin products. Do you?

dcrainmaker heads off to Madeira for a hike with what? an Enduro, Instinct or Fenix 8?

I still reckon it's the Instinct 3

Garmin FCC Filings 2024 – new product hints

Expect to see a new Garmin (or two) announced on Tuesday 9 April.

Garmin to add new NAP MANAGEMENT features soon

Garmin is adding the ability to tinker with naps.