Garmin 6 Beta Features pulled

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new Garmin 6 firmware goodies on the way

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Coros 2020 Plans Leaked…and more

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new STRAVA Weather Service vs. Klimat Strava add-in

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new Garmin Quatix 6

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STRYD Structured Workouts – major app update

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*new* Garmin Edge 130 PLUS – leaks confirmed

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new Suunto 9, Suunto 5 features from Training Peaks via SuuntoPlus

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new STRAVA Heatmap-Driven Routes | Major Feature

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Zwift redundancies

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Garmin Vector 3 – review still not here ? why?

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Garmin Instinct 6.60 gets new features

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WANTED – Running App Developer

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Garmin Trade-In – Clever Deal

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new Garmin Varia | Opinion & Speculation

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STRAVA Running POWER Support Strongly Hinted At

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Strava Runner Motivations

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Sigma Rox 12 updated – Sigma Announces new firmware

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Triathlon Apps for Wear OS

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March 2020: Sports Watch Update: All new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models with GPS. Rumors + replacement dates for Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Fitbit

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