why I moved from Garmin to Polar H10 – alphaHRV

I'll use alphaHRV data field until March/April, switching the Garmin HRM PRO Plus to the Polar…

Garmin HRV – What should my Garmin HRV be? – LARGE Lifelines Cohort Study [Science]

You can get your own HRV value from Garmin at this address...

TdF Team uses this sleep/HRV tool

Improve sleep quality: Improve recovery: Race better

Apple looking to boost HRV features

where Apple need to go next with HRV-related features on the Apple Watch.

everything you need to know: Garmin, WHOOP, and Oura HRV measurements

everything you need to know about HRV for Garmin

Apple Watch 8/Watch Ultra gets Recovery Info- new for watchOS 9

There are new HRV features in the live version of watchOS 9 that were not there…

EMFIT REVIEW QS, Gen 2 HRV ? Sleep ? Monitor, Sleep Tracker [2022 version]

2022 EMFIT Review a detailed look at the QS EMFIT Gen 2; the best, most accurate…

HRV – More than you ever needed or wanted to know

HRV - All you ever, ever, ever (did I say ever?) wanted or needed to know

My HRV-Guided Training Leading up to my HIM Race Day in 2021

the tech is better now on many levels. Here's a brain dump of positive tech goodness…

DFA Alpha 1 (DFA a1): new training threshold discovery method via HRV

DFA Alpha 1 - new threshold discovery method with HRV

WHOOP’s Take on HRV

I’ve linked, further below, to a piece of content from WHOOP Review that gives their take…

Season Finale and Demonstrable Effect of an Ironman (on me)

As Rotterdam’s ITU Final finishes the season for the Age Grouper triathletes, I await the tales of potential…