parkrun removes speed records from website

the BBC are sensationalising the story and making it out to be something it isn't.

The surprising truth about my 80% age-graded 5km parkrun

run an 80% age-graded 5km

parkrun – UK National Record Tumbles by 18 seconds

smashed that record by 18 seconds at Belfast Victoria.

parkrun DofE Volunteer Opportunities (Duke of Edinburgh Award)

My daughter was recently very excited to scan Jake Wightman's barcode after he won parkrun (he…

5km PB – easily boost your performance by 3% [Science]

...boosted 5k time trial times by, on average, 3% (38 seconds) and up to 5.7%.

new parkrun world record set at Poole, UK – this time by a nine-year-old boy

The previous 5K parkrun record record has stood since being set in October 2017 in California.

parkrun barcode on Garmin now stores 7 IDs

The CIQ App developer is called GASTEROPOD. S/he's recently put out v2 of the parkrun barcode…

natural VO2max decline with age – how bad will it get for you?

Most regular visitors to this site are probably above the green line but just how far…

Sub 20 5K – Mark Zuckerberg can do it. Can you? Here’s how

So how do you do it?

a Sub 20 parkrun – how long will it take me to run 5k in less than 20 minutes?

An article to help you determine how long it will take you to train to run…

How to get a parkrun PB – Top *100* Tips for your best 5K time PB PR

Get a parkrun 5K PB with over 100 tips on training, nutrition, and pacing.

the best Garmin App of the Year 2022 (and watchfaces) – official CIQ Winners and nominees announced

Garmin CIQ App of the Year – 2022 Every year Garmin announces winners for a select…