Polar Ignite

Polar Ignite – New Colours

Polar today announce 2 new colours for the Polar Ignite “Rose Gold & Pink”, and “Black & Copper” Hey, it’s a slow news day (actually it’s not). Links to one or more stores in your local geo, buying there supports this site, thank you.   Polar Ignite Review | In-Depth Polar’s Latest FITNESS Watch

Polar Ignite Specifications & First Run

The new Polar IGNITE immediately stands out from very many other fitness & running watches. It’s got a good screen. It’s bright; it’s clear; it’s got great colours, and the resolution appears very good. For those of you already familiar with what Polar usually put on the screen then there is much to be familiar…

Polar IGNITE – New Fitness Watch Announced by POLAR

  The POLAR IGNITE is the new Fitness Watch from Polar and it’s just announced today. I’m working on a ‘First Run’ post now. In the meantime here are some images and info from the press release and a few of mine that I’ve already managed to change the strap on. Click to enlarge It’s…