Josh KERR (GB) Destroys Mo Farah’s 2-Mile World Record

Kerr's awesome achievement is dwarfed by Ingebrigtsen

2024 Sports Watch & Bike Computer Update: All new Models, Planned, Rumors + dates for all Garmin, Apple, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo

Edge 140 (Apr 2024), Edge 1050 or 1040 AMOLED (Apr 2024), Forerunner 165 (Feb 2024), Instinct…

Midweek Triathlon, Endurance and Tech Stories…on Thursday

Today's stories include Stryd, T100 triathlon, Eight Sleep and an up to 50% SRAM sale.

Stryd Get More Scientific Accuracy Validation

Stryd delivers a stable, sensitive, and reliable metric

new Garmin LAP UNDO – how does it work? Pointless?

This is possibly the greatest feature ever implemented by Garmin and will likely change the face…

Stories Behind Garmin Stats: Insights into Users’ Athletic Progress in 2023

many interesting nuggets are hiding behind the headline numbers from each sport.

Garmin Edge 530 overtaken by Wahoo bolt in Strava Uploads [USA, official figures]

In the world's largest and most lucrative market, Wahoo has taken the lead in cycling

WHOOP – Broadcast your Heart Rate over ANT+

The main drawback of WYUR is that you need to carry it, and you must be…

parkrun DofE Volunteer Opportunities (Duke of Edinburgh Award)

My daughter was recently very excited to scan Jake Wightman's barcode after he won parkrun (he…

2023 Gadget Excitement – What I look forward to In 2024

thoughts on what will be personally exciting for me next year in sports tech

5km PB – easily boost your performance by 3% [Science]

...boosted 5k time trial times by, on average, 3% (38 seconds) and up to 5.7%.

Supershoes for 2024 – A Changing Retail Landscape

further down the pecking order, the likes of you and me could benefit from a better…