How to Activate Your Glutes Before Running

For many of us who sit behind a desk all day at work, or find ourselves in similar sedentary positions for hours on end, glute weakness and inhibition is a real problem. For many reasons, such as helping to control the position of our knees as we run, and providing stability for the low back, we need to learn to switch these butt muscles on more effectively.

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Stance Fusion running socks – Men / Women

One of my LEAST favourite things is slipping on my ‘special’ TKMAX running socks. They are 100% sock but also 100% man-made fibre. Sweaty and horrible after about 12 minutes. I have a really nice popped blister on the end of one of my toes. I digress from the subject of the photo. I went…


2017: "The year of the Garmin" – Sports Watch MARKET predictions for an exciting year – not just for Garmin

We can already see that sports technology is exploding in many directions: the market is global and is growing globally; technology is broadening its capabilities & competencies; online services and apps are getting cleverer; corporate health consciousness is growing; basic activity trackers’ usefulness is being questioned; smartphone apps are offer ever-richer experiences; wearability/fashion is important; and the big…