a new Mode for Stryd – Open Run Target

This is a nice feature for controlling steady-state runs but it falls down when it has…

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Stryd: Race Power Table, New LBSS Tool, and More

Stryd seems to have finally 'got it'. Yes, many of us love power but we also…

Stryd Fixes Air Power

gives better results when you install Stryd the wrong way around. The question "Why?" springs to…

new Stryd Metrics – They’re Good…but ! An Explainer

I'm less sceptical about LBSS though. It seems like a great idea to be able to…

Stryd vs Stryd – Some Data Comparisons

I've had some anomalies with the new Stryd footpod over the last few weeks.

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Stryd Accuracy – Measured A Different Way

But then, do you speed up or slow down when the lap pace shows 4:05/km? (Answer:…

Garmin Running Power Footpod – Where is it?

Often the most obvious answer is the correct one. The answer is quite simple..

the Stryd Next Gen pod for 2023 – What’s New In the Running Power ⚡ Model?

Stryd's 5th Generation pod claims to be the best yet and it's available now to pre-order…

Stryd Update for Apple Watch

tryd is now in a good position to ride the wave of whatever Apple Running Power…

Running Power Comparisons – More comparisons with Apple, Garmin, Stryd, Coros & Polar

Stryd and Coros probably have it about right with their flavour of running power.