50K World Record Stats – Powered by Coros | plus Wahoo news

Yesterday, Des Linden nailed the 50K world record whilst sporting a Coros Apex Pro 42mm. 2:59:54

Best Sports Apps | Report & Table – Winners & Losers of 2020

Best and most downloaded apps for Android and iPhone, ranked and rated with links

Wahoo Rival | Adds more Running Power Support

Wahoo Rival extends running power support to stryd just that little bit more

More of a story than you think | Wahoo add strategically important custom multisport profiles | Rival |

Hey Mr Wahoo. We love you. It's good. But it's not good enough. Garmin does this…

Bryton Rider 750 Review – Highly Featured bikenav, Cheaper than Garmin

Unique features, lots of features ! this Bryton Rider 750 Review shows some of the cool…

Wahoo RIVAL Review – Triathlon Contender – ELEMNT GPS

Wahoo RIVAL - the new kid on the block to seriosuly consider if you are looking…

Top 10 Most Accurate Indoor Bike Trainers 💪 Smart Turbo Power for Zwift

Here are all the top 18 most accurate indoor smart turbo trainers for your pain cave…

Obvious Choices 🔋 Best Indoor Power Trainer Winter 2020-21

Best Indoor Trainer: Smart Home Turbos in every category. Rated budget to high-end Smart Bikes. Tacx,…

Deals: Wahoo Tickr Original [Roam/Bolt Bundles, Climb too]

20% off brings it down to just over £32 when bough DIRECT FROM WAHOO

Garmin’s new Strava Route Sync – Komoot too

Routable Garmin devices can now seamlessy sync routes from STRAVA and KOMOOT

STRAVA Live Segments – Best Ever Implementation? Hammerhead Karoo

Is this the best-ever implementation of STRAVA Live Segments. We take a quick, sneak-peek

new features for Wahoo and Wear OS? Speculation

User surveys suggest new features are inbound from Wahoo and for Google's Wear OS

new STRAVA Activty Cropping, Auto-Flagging & More |

A quick look at exmple of why you might want to use STRAVA ACTIVITY CROPPING

Humon Hex * Closes *

Humon today announced that they are closing their doors – I’ll cover the impact on HEX…

Wahoo, ANGi Added

  Wahoo have just added Specialized ANGi support to all 3 of their ELEMNT devices through…

Sports Apps 2020 Report & Table – Winners & Losers of 2019 – Best Sports App

I’ve produced rankings of sports-related apps over the last few years and this is a report…

Wahoo Takes Over The World…Almost (Ref: Acquires SpeedPlay Pedals)

Just over a year ago, Norwest Equity Partners invested an undisclosed sum into Wahoo Fitness. Clearly,…

Mio POD: Mio are back….with the Mio POD

Mio Pod It looks like one of the first optical HR companies is back with a…

Wahoo KICKR Bike Specs – Availability, Price & Thoughts

Wahoo KICKR The Wahoo KICKR Bike is the mother of all indoor smart bikes and at…

WKO5 out now. Training Peaks to announce details Monday/Tuesday

Coming soon: http://wko5.com/ TrainingPeaks have just, sort of, released a new version of their analytics package…