[May 2024] Sports Watch & Bike Computer Update: All new Models, Planned, Rumors + dates for all Garmin, Apple, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo

Edge 140 (May 2024), Edge 1050 or 1040 AMOLED (May 2024), Forerunner 165 (Feb 2024), Instinct…

Big Coros Update – Plans, HRV and more

The only thing that did initially interest me was the personalised marathon training plan.

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ActiveLook Heads Up Display For Apple Watch

So perhaps the opportunities are for bike races and trail runners? Or perhaps I could simply…

Apple Watch – Track Sports Supplements, Vitamins & Medications

Your Watch or iPhone reminds you to take your supplements even if you have a complex…

Apple Triathlon – Good First Time Go At Triathlon On the Watch

Apple's new triathlon mode for the Watch is actually fairly decent. Better than I imagined.

Google Pixel Watch – Not a Fitbit and definitely a fun-spoiler.

There was silly old me thinking that everything would move to some flavour of Wear OS…

Garmin D2 Air X10

It will be a brave person that bets against a D2 Echo version of the Fenix…

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