WHOOP 4 vs Apple Watch 7 Comparison

Whoop 4 Band vs Apple Watch 7 – Full Comparison Must Read: Apple Watch 7 Review…

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WHOOP Back In Stock And A New Pricing Tweak

Whoop Solves Supply chain Issues And Returns $Zero Upfront Option

Whoop 4.0 now takes Apple, Garmin, Polar, Wahoo….workouts [Beta]

Whoop 4 now can suck in your data from Garmin, Polar, Apple and many more external…

Custom Whoop Bands – the right Hex colour to support your Olympic nation?

It turns out that we've probably all been wearing the wrong colours for years. I bet…

“I was wearing Oura, Whoop & Apple Watch when I got pregnant” 👶

Dr Allen seems to have taken this to a whole new level and uses some of…

Whoop Band 4.0 – new firmware for the battery pack

Why? What? This fixes charging bugs as well as improves the performance and efficiency of your…

WHOOP Review, Is Whoop 4.0 worth it? [May 2022] ​Best Whoop Strap Discount Code + Free Month Subscription

Whoop Review 🙌 now accurate & the recovery/X-Fit market leader. Whoop 4.0 Discount Code get a…

WHOOP 4.0 – Is it worth it? Does improved accuracy entice you?

WHOOP 4.0 - Is it worth it?

WHOOP Black Friday – Join Whoop for $0/£0, get a free band…OK you still have to subscribe

Join Whoop for $0/£0 and Get a Free WHOOP 4.0 - Yep, really

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Hunter latest set of tests are all with Whoop worn on the BICEP

WHOOP 4.0 Accuracy Results – GYM Results & Wrist-Worn | FitGearHunter

It's early days and early days with most new optical sensors are not great when worn…