Whoop 5.0 | Major Article, Detailed Analysis | Fact or Fantasy for 2024?

Expect a good number of improvements to Whoop 5 in 2024 as it takes over the…

WHOOP adds: Recommended Strength Workouts

recommend personalised Strength Training Workouts

WHOOP – Broadcast your Heart Rate over ANT+

The main drawback of WYUR is that you need to carry it, and you must be…

WHOOP Final 10% discount of the year confirmed

whoop discount and 10% sale price -final sale for 2023 ends soon

WHOOP Review- all the cr*p bits, will you waste your money 💲? “A: Maybe”, best discount

WHOOP 4 Review : Don't waste your money? Here are all the cr*p bits in a…

WHOOP Coach with AI – this is the way of the future

Whatever you might think about the WHOOP Band, the ecosystem really is streets ahead.

TdF Mountain Stages – HRV was 23.9ms lower – WHOOP

The mountain stages are unsurprisingly harder but pros cope with them better than you'd think

WHOOP Integrates Diet with Correlations from Journal

The WHOOP app now links with Apple Health and so can automatically pull all the metrics…

WHOOP – Ground Breaking Strength Training with PUSH? Or Damp Squib?

WHOOP's novel intentions for muscular strain seem groundbreaking and offer lifters, cross-fitters, and the like the…

Marijuana damagers HRV – so says WHOOP Data

There you go. Your parents were right. Don't do drugs.

WHOOP – new Recovery Behaviours

TL;DR - Beneath the pretty veneer of the WHOOP app, some clever correlations are used to…

HRcalf: WHOOP’s Accuracy on the calf – a quick run with ANY-WEAR Speed Tight

the intervals were recorded with an apparently spot-on level of accuracy.