GoMore: Stamina Sensor – A Quick Look (updated from 2016 post)

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GoMore Stamina SensorThe GoMore Stamina sensor is a nifty Bluetooth heart rate monitor device that pairs with an iOS 8+ or Android 4.4+ smartphone app. The app purports to tell you how much stamina you have left – it helps you pace yourself.

During exercise it gives you 3 key bits of information: percent stamina remaining; percent aerobic energy remaining; and percent anaerobic energy remaining. *IF* that information is even broadly correct it could prove to be a useful addition to an endurance runner’s gadget toolkit.

It gives a simple, actionable piece of information SUGGESTED CURRENT PACE.

Which, if you think about it, is clever.

Whilst seemingly designed primarily for runners it has potential too for cyclists and other endurance athletes and, indeed, I understand that other variants such as those are planned.

Your smartphone will present you with a screen something like this:

Source: GoMore – not my image

As the heart rate stays high you can see that GoMore‘s estimation of what you have left in the tank declines.

To make the best use of this product you will need GPS enabled on your smartphone and a calibration run.

The sensor is pre-configured to provide vibration alerts at certain levels of reduced stamina as well as providing post-session reports for further analysis.

Whilst this is clearly a heart rate monitor plus a hopefully-clever algorithm, rather than a sensor of stamina per se, I’m sure you’d agree that it is a potentially useful device for athletes of several levels of ability.


I’ve not used the product sufficiently enough to review it.

The issue for longer duration runs for me is that clearly you have to both carry your smartphone AND ensure the smartphone battery can support the required duration with GPS enabled.

Furthermore, I understand that the developers are considering a 2nd generation product that would be ANT+ capable also providing an IQ Connect data field. That makes sense as I would imagine the potential ‘Garmin-market’ for this type of data/feature is potentially quite large. My preferred consumption of this data would be as a CIQ Data Field of a Garmin device.

Garmin are starting to look at anaerobic and aerobic energy reserves but GoMore seems to be ahead of them at present.

Price & Availability

It’s available now in the USA for $150 (link) and soon in the UK for less than £100 (link).


I think this is a great product idea. I have not been paid for publishing this information – always keen to help small companies – well, sometimes, if they are nice. They were.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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