New STRYD Gen 2 – There’s a new STRYD device announced today.


stryd-v2-gen-2A couple of days ago I got a press release from the STRYD company who are releasing a new Stryd device (officially announced today 24Aug).

Rather than the original HRM version this one is a tiny wearable power meter that clips on your shoe.

I don’t know much more about it than that. I guess it will do footpod-esque things like cadence and be a source for footpod derived pace.

OPINION: a LOT of improvements have been continually made to the original product. I confess to not be fully up to speed with them all. But I do know that there is now a Connect IQ app from Garmin that writes power data directly into the FIT device (similar to muscle oxygen data from BSX/MOXY) and I do know that the new Suunto Spartan ULTRA (as well as the AMBIT3) already have built in ‘proper’ support for running power.

A great thing with the original STRYD HRM was that it was dual-band. So if you occasionally run with two watches (sigh) then this can make it easier to adopt into your current gadget regime. Much easier. It has also introduced HRV support since my review too.

One thing that lacks is the writing of the Running Dynamics data to a Garmin FIT file – but that is a peripheral need at best. STRYD’s ‘Power Centre’ dashboard is pretty good and shows that info anyway but I suspect most people want a simple device that just pipes incorrect data to a Garmin/Polar/TomTom/Suunto watch. On the whole STRYD does that.

Having a new shoe-based STRYD could well be a good idea. Let’s see the price point AND if it adds anything new to the mix.

Summary: Cool!

Spartan goes nuclear



Apologies for the poor image from my all-expenses paid camping trip to Dungeness. Living the dream. I’d just cycled 90 minutes into the wind on a MTB. AND I’d forgotten my cycling shorts and was wearing running shorts and some long lycra swim shorts (seriously). Half way there!

I can confirm that the Spartan ULTRA works in high radiation areas, also making it a bit easier to find in the evening due to the afterglow. As you can see from the image I can also confirm it doesn’t work with an ANT+ HRM…sigh.

If someone could tell me why there is a lighthouse at Dungeness (nuclear power station in SE England) I’d be interested. Well. A little bit interested. Suunto Spartan

SPOTY – BBC Sports Personality of the year 2016 – RIO Edition


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Source-Wiggle-2After a 2012 look at the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY). Here is my “analysis” of the likely 2016 winner based on my personal favourites and what I think the GB public will vote for.

Let’s narrow it down to individual and team Gold medal winners only. The likely winner will be a gold medallist.



  • Liam Heath, gold (solo kayak 200m)
  • Nicola Adams, gold (boxing)
  • Mo Farah, gold (5,000m, athletics)
  • Nick Skelton, gold (eventing, showjumping)
  • Alistair Brownlee, gold (triathlon)
  • Jade Jones, gold (taekwondo)
  • Giles Scott, gold (sailing)
  • Jason Kenny, gold (keirin, cycling)
  • Laura Trott, gold (omnium, cycling)
  • Charlotte Dujardin, gold (dressage)
  • Justin Rose , gold (golf)
  • Max Whitlock , gold (floor, gymnastics)
  • Max Whitlock , gold (pommel horse, gymnastics)
  • Jason Kenny, gold (individual sprint, cycling)
  • Andy Murray, gold (tennis)
  • Mo Farah , gold (10,000m, athletics)
  • Joe Clarke , gold (K1, kayak)
  • Adam Peaty , gold (100m breaststroke, swimming)


  • Saskia Clark & Hannah Mills, gold (470 event, sailing)
  • Jack Laugher & Chris Mears , gold (men’s synchronised 3m springboard, diving)
  • Great Britain, gold (women’s hockey)
  • Men’s eight , gold (rowing)
  • Women’s team pursuit , gold (cycling)
  • Helen Glover & Heather Stanning , gold (women’s coxless pair, rowing)
  • Men’s coxless fours , gold (rowing)
  • Men’s team pursuit , gold (cycling)
  • Men’s team sprint , gold (cycling)

Before we narrow it down two quick awards

  • Overseas Personality of the Year goes the USA’s Ryan Lochte for his medal haul and rectitude.
  • On a more serious note, a Team won’t win SPOTY. The proper SPOTY team winners must surely be the Women’s Hockey Team, with a special mention for Maddie Hinch’s heroics in goal.

Back to SPOTY: Let’s eliminate the medallist or put them through to the next round

  • Liam Heath, gold (solo kayak 200m) – minority sport, sorry
  • Nicola Adams, gold (boxing) – She makes me smile whenever I see her interviewed. You’re through
  • Mo Farah, gold (5,000m, athletics), (10,000m, athletics) – Obviously
  • Nick Skelton, gold (eventing, showjumping) – minority sport, sorry
  • Alistair Brownlee, gold (triathlon) – Title retainer, you’re through
  • Jade Jones, gold (taekwondo) – Title retainer, you’re through
  • Giles Scott, gold (sailing) – minority sport, sorry
  • Jason Kenny, gold (keirin, cycling)(individual sprint, cycling)   – Obviosuly
  • Laura Trott, gold (omnium, cycling)  – Obviosuly
  • Charlotte Dujardin, gold (dressage)  – minority sport, sorry
  • Justin Rose , gold (golf) – lots of people like golf
  • Max Whitlock , gold (floor, gymnastics) (pommel horse, gymnastics)
  • Andy Murray, gold (tennis) – too tennis for my liking
  • Joe Clarke , gold (K1, kayak) – minority sport, sorry
  • Adam Peaty , gold (100m breaststroke, swimming) – Top Scot, through

Leaving us with these who we now have to be harsh with

  • Nicola Adams, gold (boxing) – If not put through she will beat you up. You’re through
  • Mo Farah, gold (5,000m, athletics), (10,000m, athletics) – Obviously
  • Alistair Brownlee, gold (triathlon) – I’m too biased towards tri to be fair. You’re out.
  • Jade Jones, gold (taekwondo) – If not put through she will beat you up. You’re through
  • Jason Kenny, gold (keirin, cycling)(individual sprint, cycling)  – You’ll get a knighthood, no SPOTY for you
  • Laura Trott, gold (omnium, cycling)  – You’ll get a dame/knighthood, no SPOTY for you
  • Justin Rose , gold (golf) – too golfy
  • Max Whitlock , gold (floor, gymnastics) (pommel horse, gymnastics) – Unique achievement, You’re through
  • Adam Peaty , gold (100m breaststroke, swimming) – not front crawl

Being even harsher

  • Nicola Adams, gold (boxing) – Again, if not put through she will beat you up. You’re through
  • Jade Jones, gold (taekwondo) – Again, if not put through she will beat you up. You’re through
  • Mo Farah, gold (5,000m, athletics), (10,000m, athletics) – Obviously through but I’m pretty sure you can’t beat me up.
  • Max Whitlock , gold (floor, gymnastics) (pommel horse, gymnastics) – too gymmy. Although just one of his biceps could easily knock me out. He seems too nice to get involved in a fight though. Phew!

So. We are down to Farah, Jones and Adams. Unless Mo buys this site for a huge sum (remember ) he can’t go thought as I am too biased towards his greatness. Which leaves me with two women who can both beat me up. AND I used to do martial arts for 10 years, which makes it even worse. Hard to choose I still reckon Karate is better than taekwondo. I could outrun Jade Jones, I’ll take my chance eliminating her.

Winner: Nicola Adams. Because she lights up Sports on TV.

Please feel free to comment. State your bias and kudos points for any funny reasons to eliminate gold medal winners. Further kudos points for selecting a better overseas SPOTY than Lochte.

Sorry for the ‘beat me up focus’. It just turned out that way once I started emptying my brain. Which is now empty. Good night.

PhySoc: How to be an elite cyclist – Science of Cycling


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duathlon-cycling-running-5kAn interesting lecture/video on the Science of elite cycling. Given by The Physiological Society.

Is there any hope for you?

It was quite interesting, for me, to hear many of the Rio athletes attributing much of their success to ‘graft’.

If you think it’s in the genetics then why not get one of Andrew Steele’s DNAFit tests done on YOUR sporting DNA?

Here the video:

Hey Brazil – quit the booing Rio 2016


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I haven’t met many Brazilians. Without exception ALL of those I HAVE met have been very nice people.

My limited experience doesn’t seem to square with the behaviour at Rio. Why all the booing? I think booing at football is fair game (I don’t do it myself) and maybe also at Mr J. Gatlin (drugs cheat). And indeed at any other drugs cheat.

But the Brazilian crowd were at it again today in the volleyball against the Italians.

As I write you, Brazil, have 18 medals including 6 golds and about 380,000 boos – the former of which is a great achievement.

One of the longstanding memories I will have of watching the 2016 Olympics will not be your beautiful country and awesome U23 football team but rather your poor sportsmanship as a crowd.

OK I’m British and the Brits (well, mostly English with the occasional Scot) don’t have a great record of crowd behaviour in football but I’m certainly not one of ‘those’ people. Yet you all seem to boo everything that comes up against a Brazilian. If it were greyhound racing and there was a Brazilian dog would you do the same? Most strange.

Perhaps if you got behind YOUR athletes your medal tally would have been slightly improved. Just a thought. Perhaps there would be an even better impression of your country after the Olympics to boost tourism in the future.

Perhaps if you had got MORE behind the WHOLE SPORTING EVENT then there would have been more funds, from ticket sales, available for the para-Olympics.

As I say. All the Brazilians I ‘ve met have been very nice.

Write to FIT – Finally SmO2 and THb – MOXY and BSX

So finally the MOXY data field from Connect IQ is allowed by Garmin to write the muscle oxygen data into the FIT file.

Here is proof positive. I turned on a BSX Insight and used a Garmin Edge 820. The BSX paired as a speed/cadence sensor but the MOXY data field showed the SmO2 and THb data perfectly. Uploading to Garmin Connect and VOILA it appeared.

Doesn’t  import into SportTracks though. Suggesting there are yet more changes to the FIT file spec which only Garmin support. Expect problems with 3rd party software. Fit File Repair Tool will fix but no data imported to ST3.1

MOXY-BSX-Write-To-FIT-garmin Connect

Gerald looks at the Suunto SPARTAN Ultra – I do a few F3+ULTRA shots.


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Gerald has a youtube closeup of the Suunto Spartan ULTRA (below). You’ll have to wait until September, maybe, for my coverage of the extra functions that should be released then.

I shall resume my look at the Spartan in September. Off on holiday now. Holiday=training-somewhere-else:-) In the meantime here is a nice-ish shot of the F3 and ULTRA…similar looking. ULTRA has less buttons and feels like a better hardware package. F4 in a week or two maybe?

Suunto Spartan Ultra vs Garmin Fenix3

Rio Triathlon Predication


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I’m going to go out on a limb here. Brownlee will win gold. I’m fairly certain.

Let’s not forget domestique, Gordon Benson. The sacrificial lamb to the triathlon slaughter. Just like Stuart Hays in 2012, Gordon will make it happen mostly on the bike leg, maybe.

As an aside, I was in Bingley very recently visiting family. I tried to find Bingley Harriers’ (of Brownlee fame) running track to take some Suunto Spartan Ultra shots at. Apparently there is no running track😦 Let the foreign press speculate at how they became good runners. The answer will lie ‘in them there hills’.

Apparently some of the local pools are being closed down too…someone should start a campaign.

Haven't got a picture of a Brownlee

Haven’t got a picture of a Brownlee. This will do nicely.

Suunto Spartan ULTRA – Manual v1.1 // User Guide


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Suunto Spartan UltraI’m on firmware v1.124 and I guess this is the v1.1 manual that corresponds if any of you are interested.

HERE IS THE: Suunto Spartan Ultra User Guide

And here (sic) is the latest state of play regarding new featurettes.

Suunto Spartan software release 1.1.24

  • Possibility to answer upcoming phone calls on the watch
  • Multisport support for selecting a new sport mode during training
  • Triathlon sport mode to support swim-t1-bike-t2-run sequence
  • Favorite modes shown when starting exercise with an option to select other modes
  • All sport modes updated to show the most relevant values
  • New sport modes e.g. running with power, running on track, interval mode for cycling etc.
  • Vertical speed values available in selected sport modes
  • Breadcrumb view shown in modes where GPS is used
  • New activities: obstacle racing
  • Summary displays autolaps/manuals laps which can be browsed
  • Summary doesn’t show laps if those weren’t used
  • Multisport has some activity specific values
  • Better visual look and feel for displays during sport
  • Move type (i.e. race, interval) stored based on the sport mode type
  • Touch enabled for interactions to go back and forth in various displays
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Coming next

  • Customization of sport modes
  • Android compatibility
  • Peer-to-Peer coaching
  • Personal bests with age group comparisons
  • Progress trends with personal bests
  • Public Training Insights
  • Alarm clock

Fitbit Charge 2 – Supposedly Leaked Image


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Now you know


source: technobuffalo

Looks a lot like the first one tho.

the surge, in my opinion, doesn’t look great online but actually looks good when worn. This Charge2 has a similar look and feel and looks a tad more stylish with the silver bit on the side. No doubt there will be goodies under the hood. Fitbit already sort-of announced two new devices pre-Xmas. So this is no surprise but the image might not be real although care seems to have been taken getting the right font!!

TomTom Runner2 SPARK, Fitbit Surge, Polar M400

TomTom Runner2 SPARK, Fitbit Surge, Polar M400


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