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Garmin Q4 Features – Skin Temperature and much more

With caveats, you get the new features providing you have one of the more modern watches

Coros Pace 3 Accuracy

Great GPS...not so great optical HR

Garmin HRM-FIT – closer – more info leaks – What is it?

The latest info from indicates the existence of HRM-FIT in...

new Strava Messaging – Completely Pointless

Rather it's "mostly useless" as of today.

Whoop Final 10% discount of the year confirmed

whoop discount and 10% sale price -final sale for 2023 ends soon

Parody: Garmin Fenix, Forerunner and Edge Messages – What they really mean

Congratulations! You ran 5.46km - You ran exactly 5k

Apple Sales Unexpectedly Surge Even Further Ahead

Conversely, Chinese-owned companies like Suunto (Haylou) and Coros are well-positioned for sales to all markets alongside…

Garmin Fenix 6 HRV vs Polar H10 HRV – study shows the winner

These charts indicate just HOW inaccurate your HRV might be and then...

Coros Pace 3 – the best GPS? (more tests including HR and Elevation)

Based on this test, Pace 3 is doing well when close to buildings

Garmin wins “Best Sports & Fitness Category” award at CES2024 plus 5 more awards

Best of Innovation Winner; Sports & Fitness Category Honoree; Accessibility Category Honoree

PassPixi – It works ! (Cycling Safety tool)

This is ideal for any cyclist who wants to avoid dying.

Polar Financial Performance 2022

, its technologies play a vital role in manufacturing and selling the rest of its current…