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Strava’s 2024 changes in a nutshell – no waffle

That's a nice chunk of features. well done Strava.

BODY SHOCK – an innovative running metric from fourth frontier x2

BODY SHOCK - an innovative running metric from fourth frontier x2

Reconditioned KICKR, now back in stock

out come the reconditioned units at pretty decent prices.

does CoenzymeQ10 supplementation burn fat, if so how could I monitor that?

You can investigate if this or other strategies affect your fat burn with products like ...

the heart-healthy ‘super fruit’ that improves 5K performance like a ‘super shoe’ at a fraction of the price:

The recent study revealed that the berry boosts average 5K running times by a startling 38…

Edge On Your Wrist: Redefining Betting Strategies 

This article dives into how smartwatches are changing the online gaming space and what the future…

Polar now Supports 3rd Party Electronic Payments (POLL)

Polar partners with FIDESMO to support NFC card payments via your watch strap.

[2024] Karoo 3 Review ❌14 cons ❌, ✔️14 Pros✔️ Hammerhead’s Third Generation GPS Bike Computer

Karoo 3 Review, Hammerhead's third Generation bike computer offers WAY better EXPERIENCE than any Garmin plus…

[2024] Eight Sleep Pod 4 – First Thoughts – Now Silent, Stops Snoring

Eight Sleep Pod 4, get a triple discount on the ULTRA model and a double discount…

Zwift Price Hike – all the details PLUS a FREE Alternative

the company runs a real risk of losing non-core Zwifter to upstarts like MyWhoosh.

new Polar 360 – A Complete Wearable Platform? a Whoop competitor?

This is an excellent move by Polar, perhaps to be expected as...

Peloton cut staff – ENVE Sold – Rapha Retrenches

On a positive note, Colnago's sales have tripled