MILESTONE – New Features Announced

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Milestone pod reviewLooks like someone has been spending money on their product this year. After MILESTONE’s recent release of firmware to enable live broadcast of speed/distance, today yet more new features are announced (here).

Here are the headlines (in their words):

  • Run/Walk Toggle. For each running session that includes walking, you can view gait metrics for running minutes only.  This one-of-a-kind feature is ideal for runners using a run/walk training program such as the Galloway Method or for mixed sessions such as intervals.
  • Duration Adjustment. In addition to distance calibration previously available, you can now trim off your warm-up and cool-down. Once unwanted minutes are deleted, all metrics automatically update, giving you clean data for the exact workout you want to see.
  • Export Options. In addition to Excel, you can now download any session as a .TCX file, which is compatible with Strava, TrainingPeaks and others similar platforms. From the Run Log, swipe left on the run you want to download.
  • Better Multi-Pod Interface. For runners using two or more Pods, life just got a little easier.  Now shoe names appear throughout the Run Log and on the Run Details screen.

WHAT IS MILESTONE?: It’s a cheap option to make the INSTANT RUNNING PACE on your sports watch much more accurate. It also has LOTS of other app-based features such as the ability to track the mileage of your shoes. for those of  you using STRYD+SUUNTO it’s a good temporary workaround for sensor compatibility issues.

MORE INFOFIRST LOOK of the new POD features here, from the previous firmware

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