Coke Can vs. Ceramic Speed – Aero OSPW Face Off


Coke Can vs. Ceramic Speed – Aero OSPW Face-Off

Ceramic Speed is somewhat concerned by a new entrant into the niche market for aero Over-Sized Pulley Wheels (OSPW) as the €739 price tag for their latest pulley wheel and carbon cover is significantly undercut by a bit of cut-up coke can.

An unnamed, senior exec at Ceramic Speed was quoted as saying, “!£$”£%%, we didn’t see that coming.”

The competing derailleur cover comes from Simon Warren, author of 100 Climbs, who got this novel idea whilst sipping his favourite carbonated beverage at a book signing in his local WH Smith book store. “What if I just cut it and bent it a bit?” he mused. Sure enough, a bit of cutting and bending was all that was needed to fashion what is likely to be 2022’s most novel cycling invention.


Ceramic Speed worked with Simon Smart (Drag2Zero) for 2 years of wind tunnel testing but Simon Warren scoffed at the expense and knocked up his caffeine-inspired invention in about 30 minutes in his shed.

Technical Specs – OSPW Aero vs A Bit of Coke Can


Ceramic SpeedBit of Coke Can
Upper Pulley Wheel13-toothCompatible with existing pulley wheel with a bit of bending
Lower Pulley Wheel19-toothCompatible with existing pulley wheel with a bit of bending
Hand-built Ceramic Speed BearingYesNo
Life-Time WarrantyYes, on some modelsNo
Wind Tunnel TestingYes (2 years)No
Shimano 9250 CompatibleYesYes
Shimano 8150 CompatibleYesYes
Shimano 9000 CompatibleYesYes
Shimano 8000 CompatibleYesYes
Number of available finishes/colours1, Carbon1, Red
Price€ 739< €1


Ceramic Speed claims that “a pro rider [can save] 2.5 seconds during a 25km time trial ridden at a quick 50km/h pace, while a competitive age-group triathlete riding at 30km/h will save 1 minute and 15 seconds over a full-distance IRONMAN.”. Simon Warren claims his invention should save about 1 watt (maybe).


The €1 price tag from Warren seems reasonable. I was a little disappointed with his choice of Coke as my TT bike is blue and would better suit a Pepsi can.


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  1. Coke and pepsi? Amateurs! You use a part of a beer can of your favorite brew!!

    And you can even change them for local brews on holidays for that extra cred with the locals!

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