Garmin 920XT FENIX3 – Turn on HRV – Same for Forerunner 620, 735XT, 630, 930XT, 935, Fenix 5, 5x, 5s Fenix 3 – even Edge 820! 1030, 1010 1000

Garmin 920XT vs Garmin 910XT - Triathlon ShowdownTo enable beat by beat recording on the Garmin 920XT (or Garmin Fenix3 or Forerunner 620 or 735XT, 630 or most newer models) you need to do 2 things

1. Enable per second recording (NOT smart recording)

2.  Open (this) zip file and extract the file “” directly to your 920XT in this folder: :\GARMIN\NEWFILES Sorted.

As of July 2016 this will NOT work PROPERLY with optical HR.

Now; how you plan to look at the data and/or use it in your training is another matter entirely 🙂 Maybe with Firstbeat ATHLETE software? Or Sporttracks using the Garmin FIT Importer plugin and/or Liverecording plugin? Here is a link for the Garmin Forerunner 920XT Review.

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36 thoughts on “Garmin 920XT FENIX3 – Turn on HRV – Same for Forerunner 620, 735XT, 630, 930XT, 935, Fenix 5, 5x, 5s Fenix 3 – even Edge 820! 1030, 1010 1000

    1. you get proper beat by beat data. this leads into analysis of the parasympathetic nervous system. With statistical analysis of that derived data you can get a very good steer on fatigue/recovery levels. This is what the FRISTBEAT software does (they provide the Training Effect stats inside the 920). you might then even progress and look at taking early morning hrv readings with ithlete to determine if you are ready to go for the day ahead’s training……or not.

      there you go !

      1. Ah so gives more meaning to the “Recovery Good” and advised recovery times? Is there any downside to this such as increased battery drain/usage? Im trying to work out why this isnt a default!



      2. 920 has superior battery imho – so unless you are doing a few back-to-back ultras you’ll be fine! it makes the fit file a bit bigger (but the wifi upload negates that.) yes it gives data that CAN give MUCH more meaning. however you will not get that ‘meaning’ in Garmin (Connect). Th HRV will not affect the RECOVERY GOOD type info, although in theory it would give the algorithm info to preduict more accurately (but it doesn’t use that info I believe)

        Firstbeat SPORTS will apparently also give you recovery analysis between intervals. but as I say I just use the hrv data as a morning fatigue test (to be clear: I don’t use that info from the 920..i actually use a suunto hr strap and a smartphone+ £6 app called ithlete…well one similar to that). however I also upload the GARMIN HRV/RR data to firstbeat ATHLETE where I look at METMAX and EPOC … that’s another story ! FB ATHLETE is a training planner so it tracks my training load and plans it … conceptually similar to TRIMPs if you know about that.

        in theory also proper sleep tracking algorithms should use HRV data however clearly the 920 without a hr strap cannot and does not do that (yet)

  1. Is there a way I can use HRV recording with the 910XT? I have tried the above, but it seems to be different. I would like to use it in FBA.

  2. I followed the instructions, but can’t see a difference like a HRV Menu . I installed the HRV App
    via Connect IQ. But this app doesn’t offer log data 🙁

    1. what analysis software do you use? do a 1 month free trial with firstbeat athlete it will tell you when you import. I fyou have followed my instructions It will have worked.

  3. I am using Rubitrack 4, because I am using Mac. It is supposed to show HRV as well since the latest release. I just tried uploading the FIT File directly not via Garmin Connect, and it showing a HRV value. THX.

    1. not that I know of. although HRV is used in some of the recovery-type functionality in the fenix3/920xt and others. firstbeat athlete … have a look at that. or sporttracks (PC version for sure, not sure about mobile version)

  4. hi, when I copy the file on to the newfiles folder, it doesnt stay there. each time I reconnect to the 920xt the file is gone. anyone else have this issue?

      1. thanks for response, ok i see, that would make sense. must be something else that’s an issue. i enabled per second recording also, still getting wonky HRV results. cheers

      2. thanks, ok sure. i recorded these two right after another, the HRV data is coming out very different in each. (Actually how do I attached files here – or want me to email them?)

        btw – I use Kubios software. so my process is:
        setup Garmin – install hrv settings FIT file to ‘newfiles’ folder, then I set up recording to ‘per second’.
        I then record 1min sitting/1min standing by using the indoor run activity – so it doesnt try search GPS.
        I then upload file in to kubios, grab only the first minute for analysis. data is widely different every time.

  5. How do you turn this off once it’s on? The file sizes are way too big for longer runs…takes upwards of 5-10 minutes just to transfer from watch to phone over bluetooth.

      1. I can’t find the fit file. It has been “abzorbed” by the watch and transformed into a setting somewhere.

    1. I’ve tested this approach on a Forerunner 230 (with chest heart monitor) although this watch officially does not support HRV analysis. If you copy the into the Newfiles directory, R-R intervals are recorded in the .fit files coming from this watch. It might therefore work for other watches that do not officially support HRV measurement (including the vivoactive HR).

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