Garmin 920XT FENIX3 – Turn on HRV – Same for Forerunner 620, 735XT, 630, 930XT, 935, Fenix 5, 5x, 5s Fenix 3 – even Edge 820! 1030, 1010 1000

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Garmin 920XT vs Garmin 910XT - Triathlon ShowdownTo enable beat by beat recording on the Garmin 920XT (or Garmin Fenix3 or Forerunner 620 or 735XT, 630 or most newer models) you need to do 2 things

1. Enable per second recording (NOT smart recording)

2.  Open (this) zip file and extract the file “” directly to your 920XT in this folder: :\GARMIN\NEWFILES Sorted.

As of July 2016 this will NOT work PROPERLY with optical HR.

Now; how you plan to look at the data and/or use it in your training is another matter entirely 🙂 Maybe with Firstbeat ATHLETE software? Or Sporttracks using the Garmin FIT Importer plugin and/or Liverecording plugin? Here is a link for the Garmin Forerunner 920XT Review.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Emmet Hart



Sorry what is the benefit of doing this? It feels like I’ve come in half way through a conversation!


Ah so gives more meaning to the “Recovery Good” and advised recovery times? Is there any downside to this such as increased battery drain/usage? Im trying to work out why this isnt a default!




Is there a way I can use HRV recording with the 910XT? I have tried the above, but it seems to be different. I would like to use it in FBA.


I followed the instructions, but can’t see a difference like a HRV Menu . I installed the HRV App
via Connect IQ. But this app doesn’t offer log data 🙁


THX, how can I see if the recording in the fit file is working ?


I am using Rubitrack 4, because I am using Mac. It is supposed to show HRV as well since the latest release. I just tried uploading the FIT File directly not via Garmin Connect, and it showing a HRV value. THX.


Is there a way to use Garmin Connect and get HRV data ?


Just a note: That does work for a Fenix3 as well!

Thanks a lot.


Late, but still good. Thanks for the link to the file. Helpful.

RUNALYZE ( supports reading HRV data from FIT files and shows several values and graphs like R-R intervals and a Pointcaré graph


hi, when I copy the file on to the newfiles folder, it doesnt stay there. each time I reconnect to the 920xt the file is gone. anyone else have this issue?


thanks for response, ok i see, that would make sense. must be something else that’s an issue. i enabled per second recording also, still getting wonky HRV results. cheers


thanks, ok sure. i recorded these two right after another, the HRV data is coming out very different in each. (Actually how do I attached files here – or want me to email them?)

btw – I use Kubios software. so my process is:
setup Garmin – install hrv settings FIT file to ‘newfiles’ folder, then I set up recording to ‘per second’.
I then record 1min sitting/1min standing by using the indoor run activity – so it doesnt try search GPS.
I then upload file in to kubios, grab only the first minute for analysis. data is widely different every time.

Jay (@jayr517)

How do you turn this off once it’s on? The file sizes are way too big for longer runs…takes upwards of 5-10 minutes just to transfer from watch to phone over bluetooth.


How could I turn it off definitely on the Fenix 3 ?


I can’t find the fit file. It has been “abzorbed” by the watch and transformed into a setting somewhere.

Thomas Hoppe

Is there a possibility to activate the Beat-to-Beat-Recording on the Vivoactive HR using a Heart-Strap?

J Bussmann

I’ve tested this approach on a Forerunner 230 (with chest heart monitor) although this watch officially does not support HRV analysis. If you copy the into the Newfiles directory, R-R intervals are recorded in the .fit files coming from this watch. It might therefore work for other watches that do not officially support HRV measurement (including the vivoactive HR).