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Karoo 3 – preceded by design failure?

a new one is therefore due around about now

don’t ❌ upgrade, Garmin epix PRO adds very little

Garmin Epix PRO Review: two new sizes and a new optical heart rate plus some minor…

Garmin 965 & 955 – new features inbound for top Forerunner models

the Forerunner 965 and its AMOLED sibling the Forerunner 955 will both receive almost all the…

*35% off * Hammerhead Karoo 2 – Biggest Ever Discount – Summer Sale

This is the biggest ever discount on the prettiest-ever performance bikenav.

don’t ❌ upgrade, Garmin Fenix 7 PRO adds very little

Honestly. It's not worth it! Even the battery life is unchanged

Garmin Fenix/Epix – new PRO Models Get Improved displays and improved flashlight

the MIP technology gives better contrast and better colour saturation than before

Garmin adds RED SHIFT Mode to Fenix & Epix Pro Models

Keeping the colours to RED and black helps to preserve your night vision and is also…

Garmin Epix PRO and Fenix 7 PRO Pricing & Model Options Confirmed

Garmin has to deal with price rises and increased costs like the rest of us and…

confirmed new hi-res Watch Faces for Garmin Epix 2 PRO

The bad news is that existing non-PRO Fenix and Epix owners will NOT have access to…

official Fenix 7 PRO and Epix PRO Battery life specs

Here we have the official battery lives of the upcoming PRO models of Garmin Fenix 7…

new Garmin Fenix/Epix Map/MAP+ features

These MAP-related features are a nice step forward for Garmin and particularly well-suited to the typical…

Pirelli P ZERO Race TT Clincher Tyre Review

Pirelli P ZERO Race TT Clincher Review - Obviously an excellent race tyre