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Whoop Confirms Weighlifting – PUSH to go live in Spring?

it seems we might instead expect a halfway house that sets the WHOOP app up for…

Hammerhead: adds Surface Type for Karoo route planning

Hammerhead: adds Surface Type for Karoo route planning Hammerhead’s Karoo now alerts you to upcoming changes…

HRbutt // Whoop+Tyr: Butt-measured HR

This is perhaps the world's first smart jammer swimsuit but I was more interested in measuring…

Stryd back in stock & 20% STRYD Discount

20% off new Stryd - conditions apply

Important ! – Oura Ring Integrates with Apple Watch – Garmin to follow?

Surprisingly, no major wearable I know of integrates with Apple Watch.

Garmin ECG now Live – Possibly Garmin’s most boring-ever January product announcement

As of today, it's only on the Venu 2 Plus and only in the USA

Strava – Why on Earth did they acquire FATMAP?


Stryd: Race Power Table, New LBSS Tool, and More

Stryd seems to have finally 'got it'. Yes, many of us love power but we also…

leak Garmin Forerunner 965 – might be close

This leak is plausibly genuine nad also indicates that Runningxpert's stock might have been originally arriving…

Evade 3 Review – the Specialized S-Works Aero Road Helmet

Specialized S-Works Evade 3 Review: a top-of-the-line road bike helmet that offers exceptional ventilation, aerodynamics, and…

Google Nest Doorbell Review 2nd Gen, Wired (2023)

It's a Marmite product - you'll either love it or loathe it but it is fundamentally…

Garmin ECG Notification (Pre-Market, FDA)

Garmin ECG about to list on FDA