New Garmin FENIX 3 – Announced Today

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IMG_3420The New GARMIN FENIX 3 was announced today [Jan 2015] on the GARMIN BLOG.

Well the FENIX3 might annoy some recent 920XT purchasers. Many FENIX2 lovers were reluctantly persuaded to go for the 920XT, just to get a top-of-the-range device.

Reading below, the FENIX 3 appears to have everything that the 920XT has, presumably also with a bit of extra navigation thrown in. It does have swim workouts but I’m hoping that they will soon be added to the 920XT.

Don’t worry tho. It doesn’t appear to have any more TRI functionality than the 920XT.

So you still have the top of the range in some respects if you were one of those persuaded to buy a 920XT.

The FENIX3 looks VERY nice. Much nicer than the FENIX2 and the 920XT IMHO. And a little like the AMBIT3 perhaps? Anyway, it looks nice.

Those looking for a tri-watch you can actually wear (ie one that looks newer than a 1970s Casio) will also be mightily impressed. That’s the main reason I’d like one of these 🙂 I don’t like the round displays normally for a sports watch, but that’s personal preference. For a day-to-day watch I would like a round face. So if I’m going to use the activity tracker functionality, for example, then I WOULD FOR SURE use it with the FENIX3…maybe less so with the 920XT when the novelty wears off (it hasn’t yet!!).

The FENIX3 does look very solid tho and I did quite like my FENIX2 use early in 2014…also coinciding with a few great TRI performances may have sunnily glazed my memory somewhat.

Price Comparison

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Fitbit Charge HR £75.00 Link $140.18 Link
Garmin Edge 1000 Explore (non-bundle) £345.00 Link $449.00 Link
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Garmin Edge 20 £93.50 Link $93.54 Link
Garmin Epix £322.65 Link $549.99 Link
Garmin Fenix3 (Sapphire) £424.00 Link $499.99 Link
Garmin Forerunner 25 TBC TBC
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Press Release Follows verbatim

Introducing fēnix 3: The Next Smart Multisport GPS Watch from Garmin

5 January 2015 @ 8:36 AM

Fnix 3 lineup

Today we’re excited to announce the next-generation multisport GPS watch, fēnix 3. With the new EXO™ GPS antenna, fēnix 3 boasts features that support a full range of multisport activities, from advanced fitness training, to cross-country and alpine skiing, snowboarding, as well as hiking, climbing and trail running. It’s compatible with the Connect IQ™ store for even more smartwatch functionality and customization. Fēnix 3 comes in three variations: Silver, Gray, and the premium Sapphire, which features a scratch-resistant sapphire lens. With uncompromising details like a stainless steel bezel and sunlight-readable high-resolution colordisplay, the fēnix 3 combines the GPS and wearable technology that Garmin is known for with a sleek new form factor that suits both the outdoors and the boardroom.

Fēnix 3 lifestyle 6

“Premium materials, a rugged aesthetic and smartwatch capabilities make fēnix 3 the perfect watch for someone who lives a rigorous lifestyle,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “Designed to handle even the most rugged conditions, fēnix 3 provides a comprehensive multisport feature set that can be fully customized to the user, making it easy to transition into everyday activities.”

Uncompromising Design

Available in three variations, fēnix 3 features a new, bold design with superior construction quality: Silver with a red band and crystal lens, Gray with a black band and the premium Sapphire with a stainless steel band and domed sapphire lens. Each features a protective stainless steel bezel and buttons, and glass fiber reinforced housing to survive even the harshest conditions. The new omni-directional steel EXO antenna, when paired with GLONASS and EPO, provides an even faster fix and accurate position than GPS alone.

Each fēnix 3 model boasts a sunlight-readable color display with an LED backlight, so data is easily visible in any light. Water rated to 100 meters, fēnix 3 can withstand swimming and other water activities without fear of damage1. It boasts 20 hours of battery life in GPS mode, 50 hours in UltraTrac mode and six weeks in watch mode. Basic watch functions include alarms, tones, vibration alerts, timer and stopwatch. Users can also choose from a variety of analog and digital watch faces to suit style and personal preferences.


Multisport Training

Fēnix 3 is packed with training features to improve users’ form and fitness.  When paired with a heart rate monitor2, fēnix 3 can estimate VO2 max to evaluate the user’s fitness level, and based on this calculation, predict race times. Fēnix 3 can also calculate recovery time and perform a recovery check after intense workouts, so users know how long to rest before their next hard workout to prevent injury. When paired with HRM-Run™, fēnix 3 reports advanced running dynamics, which includes cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time to improve running economy.

In addition to running, fēnix 3 also reports on biking, swimming, skiing and snowboarding, as well as daily activity tracking. In the pool or open water, fēnix 3 can track distance, pace, stroke count and more. Ski/Board mode puts speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter on the user’s wrist while on the slopes. For everyday wear, fēnix 3 has activity tracking functionality, which provides a customized step goal each morning, then counts steps, calories and distance throughout the day. It also features a vibration move alert after one hour of inactivity and sleep mode to monitor quality of rest at night.

  Fēnix 3 lifestyle 4

Outdoor Navigation

Like its predecessors, fēnix 3 comes equipped with a full navigational toolset. The EXO antenna paired with the 3-axis electronic compass, barometer and auto-calibrating altimeter allows fēnix 3 to easily navigate on and off the beaten track.

With fēnix 3, users can plan trips and navigate courses, mark locations, such as campsites or points of interest, and record GPS breadcrumb trails on the move. The TracBack feature can automatically reverse the activity to navigate back to the starting point.

Fēnix 3 lifestyle 3

Connect IQ & Wireless Connectivity

With Connect IQ, fēnix 3 can be completely customized to suit the needs of the user. Connect IQ is the first-ever open platform for third-party developers to create apps and widgets for Garmin products. Through the Connect IQ store on the Garmin Connect Mobile app, users can download customized apps, widgets, data fields and watch faces to make their fēnix 3 even smarter.

Garmin is working with several app developers that are creating fēnix 3 apps for the Connect IQ store. Tempo, for example, is building a smart calendar app that will let users see their upcoming events, and send an email from their watch if they are running late. LifeLine Response personal safety app is expanding to include Garmin devices with 24/7 Professional Safety. AccuWeather will offer an app to give users air quality and allergy information at a glance. iSKI is working on an app to provide the latest weather, snow, lift and slope information at a glance. Octane Fitness is building an app to bridge the gap between outdoor runs and indoor workouts on the Octane Zero Runner to seamlessly track all workout stats. Moxy, a muscle oxygen sensor, is creating an app that monitors the oxygenation of critical muscles during a workout, so users can have more insight on what is happening within their muscles.


In addition to Connect IQ, fēnix 3 is equipped with even more wireless connectivity. The Smart Notification feature allows users to pair their smartphone3 with the watch to receive call, text and email alerts right on their wrist, no matter if their phone is buried deep in their backpack. Automatic uploads to Garmin Connect through Wi-Fi® hotspots or through the Garmin Connect Mobile app allows users to seamlessly upload their data via Bluetooth®. Fēnix 3 users can also use the mobile app to start a LiveTrack session, allowing invited friends and family to follow along in real time during a training session, out on the trail or even on race day. To further enhance training, analysis and sharing, additional features are now available in Garmin Connect’s modern view including multisport support, a new activity detail page, group leaderboards and more.

Fēnix 3 can also act as a wireless remote for the Garmin VIRB® Elite action cam. Using ANT+, users can start and stop recording and take stills right from their wrist. In addition to heart rate monitors, fēnix 3 is compatible with a variety of other ANT+ accessories such as tempe temperature sensor, speed/cadence sensor, and the Vector power meter.

Fenix3 616x616 copy

Fēnix 3 will be available to purchase in Q1 2015. Fēnix 3 Gray and Silver will have a suggested retail price of $499.99 and $549.99 for the HRM-Run bundle. The premium fēnix 3 Sapphire will have a suggested retail price of $599.99.

1 For more information on Garmin water ratings, click here.

2 Heart Rate Monitor sold separately.

3 Examples of compatible phones include: iPhone® 4S & later, Android™ 4.3, Galaxy S3 or later, Galaxy Note 3 or HTC One, phone must be Bluetooth Smart. For the full list of compatible smartphones, click here.

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