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AMBIT3 series watches now have workout planning with a new firmware release.

———– Press Release —————–

Welcome to the world of planned and guided workouts! You can now create workouts with Suunto Movescount App and use them on your Suunto Ambit3. In this tutorial, you will learn how to take advantage of this new feature.

The most obvious use for planned workouts is interval workouts: set a warm-up, intervals with recovery times and a cool-down. But you can be more creative than that and use the workout planner in pretty much any exercise. Hill repeats, changing tempo during your exercise, increasing intensity workout. Even a strength training session or stretching can be guided with a planned workout. And there is no need to run those 400m intervals on the track just to hit the right distances. Your watch will guide you on any terrain.

With the guidance of a planned workout you hit the targets of your training better and progress faster.

To get started with the workout planner you will need a Suunto Ambit3 watch, the Suunto Movescount App, both with the latest software, and a Movescount account.

The process has three steps:

  1. Plan the workout with Suunto Movescount App.
  2. Sync the workout to your Suunto Ambit3 Peak, Sport or Run.
  3. Select the workout in your watch during training.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Hi, so I have created a test workout and synced the watch but I am struggling to find where the workout is on the watch. The logical place would seem to be in the exercise menu but I can’t find it. Any help would be great.



ok – so I think I found it. To start the workout you enter the exercise menu, select the type of exercise (e.g. running, indoor training etc), let it find the HR monitor etc then press and hold the ‘next’ button to enter options. In the options menu there is a new item for ‘Workout’ – select that and you are away. Looks great!


I have done what Jerry has described, but my ambit 3 is failing to register that i have added a new workout (even after syncing it many times)


Hello, do you know if after downloading activity can be seen the intervals in Movescount? That is, the intervals are saved automatically or you must press LAP?
I can not prove it, I’m android…

Bruno Migueletto

How can I sync the workout created with my watch ? I can`t find it in my watch.
Any suggestions?


Hello. Has someone already tried to get signals (tones) during workouts when you are over or below the limits you have set in the workout (e.g. 140-150bpm target => signal at 150)

I have already tried to activate the HR limits but got no tones.
Would be a good feature.


I’ve the same problem, i don’t head any alarm if i’m under or over target. I hope that suunto will fix asap this incredible lack!!!!

Vaibhav Bhat

My Ambit3 Peak simply doesn’t have the workout menu in the options menu.. I only have 3 options (alto-baro, navigation, and activate)


Yes I created it in my Movescount app on my iPhone and synced my phone and watch.


I’m trying to create an interval based work out and sync it via the phone app. I’m having no luck in doing this. I’ve followed the advice of where to look and am pretty sure I was successful 1st time with a test workout. However, I now go back in to the exercise menu and then running, then options and I can’t see the ‘workout’ menu item….driving me mad, any help is appreciated.

Anton Belyakov

Hello! Is there any opportunity to make these workouts in another way than Movescount app? Because it doesn’t work with Android app and I don’t have an Iphone

Martin Molnar

Can you help me. My planed workouts started go crazy on my Ambit3. The steps goes one after another without the planed duration/distance. Every workout ends in 2 seconds. I tryedto restart the watch by pressing all buttons for 10s. I have deleted all workouts and planed them new. I have no idea what happened? The workout started to go crazy just one morning.

Anton Belyakov
Just read the comments, everyone have this problem. As do I )