Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating – Quick Look Review

Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating reviewGtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating

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The Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating Kit is an innovative product intended to protect and enhance the performance and cleanability of bicycles. It comes as a kit containing various products and the intention to give you a durable, hydrophobic, and self-cleaning layer of protection on your bike’s surfaces.

Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating contents

What You Get

The kit contains a range of products, including a preparation spray, a ceramic coating, gloves, cloths and an application sponge. The preparation spray is designed to remove any dirt or grime from the surface of the bike, ensuring that the ceramic coating can adhere properly.

The ceramic coating is a specially formulated product that delivers the hydrophobic layer on the bike’s surfaces. Its application sponge is used to apply the coating evenly and efficiently.

Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating hero

Ease Of Application


To ensure a thorough clean, start by cleaning your bike as you normally would and then use the preparation liquid with one of the grey cloths to remove any remaining dirt. The preparation liquid removes further dirt that may have been missed during the initial cleaning.

Next, use the white circular cloth to apply the ceramic coating to sections of the bike, one at a time. Be sure to apply it carefully and it may remove even more dirt from the surface. Allow the coating to sit for two minutes before rubbing it off with the other grey cloth. The coating will take a few minutes to dry and several days to fully cure and bond to the surface.

The kit contains enough liquid to coat two complete bike frames, but it may not be enough for a third use. It is not recommended to apply the coating to rubber and plastic parts, but it is suitable for carbon and metal. The kit does provide some protection, but I’m not sure to what degree the frame is protected.

Note that I chose not to apply the ceramic coating to the braking surfaces of the wheels as it may compromise their ability to brake effectively. However, it may be worthwhile to apply a layer to deep-rimmed wheels to help maintain their appearance whilst being careful to avoid the braking surface.

Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating problems
It locks in the existing imperfections (eg rubbing from a top-tube bag)


My bike has never been so clean! But I have just cleaned it 4 times in a row so I guess I could have expected that!!

The surface feels extremely smooth. When the surface gets wet the water immediately pools and runs off very easily.

It’s wet and horrible weather in the UK right now and the roads are also a bit gritty too. At the end of rides, my bike does seem cleaner than I would normally expect however after I give it a quick hose down it comes back to a good, fairly clean state very quickly.

Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Coating water repellent
Water forms droplets with better surface tension

Negative Points

I really like this product. However, to give a more balanced view, I would recommend that it’s best to use it on a brand-new or nearly new bike, considering the £55 price tag. It’s important to note that this product won’t magically repair any imperfections in your existing frame or lacquer coating, as it simply locks them in.

It’s also important to note that it’s not suitable for rubber and plastic but works well with carbon and metal.

Although it’s supposed to provide a degree of protection, I’m not entirely sure about that claim. Sure it will provide SOME protection in the sense that it can’t hurt. I’m just not sure how material the protection is.


The coating is supposed to last about 2 years. I’ll report back later!

Take Out

This is a tricky one to recommend precisely. If you want to buy your bike a birthday present or a Christmas present then, hey, why not?

If you are looking for something to make regular cleaning easier, then this product will do the job for as long as the coating lasts.

If you are hoping to maintain showroom looks, it will probably make this task a bit easier.

However, if you are looking for a magic solution to get your old and tattered bike ready for sale on FleaBay, this product won’t fix the tatters, but it will make it impressively shiny.

Try it: Amazon – £55, $60



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