Wahoo Rival – best ever deal AGAIN – £99/$99/eu99 – wow!

Wahoo rival – lowest-ever prices

This link goes directly to by far the best-ever deal on any triathlon watch (that’s any good) ever. Yep. A Wahoo Rival for $/£99 (ninety-nine).

  • Buy UK: £99 –  stock available
  • Buy USA: $99 – stock available
  • Buy EU: Eu99 – stock available

Towards the end of 2023, there was a similar sale that went down really well. The UK sold out of Rivals so I assume more stock was shipped over from the US or somewhere else. Don’t worry about a Rival 2 coming out soon…it’s DEFINITELY NOT going to happen. Wahoo is not making a replacement model in either the short or long term.


If you are a Wahoo bike computer owner and inclined to the occasional bit of triathlonning then this is a must-buy watch at well over 50% off. Heck, if I were considering a new plastic Coros Pace 3 then I would think again with the Elemnt Rival – Wahoo has a decent app, decent features and Rival also supports ANT+ sensors. Sure, Pace 3 is feature-packed but if you just want quality sports watch features in a high-quality titanium shell then $99 is an unbelievable price.

Click image to buy


why Buy?

  • It’s a good triathlon watch
  • You already have Wahoo kit (bike computer, indoor trainer)
  • Wahoo is good at updating firmware on old watches when new features are released…this should remain updated with current features for years (it has most of the required triathlon features in any case)
  • Quality construction materials
  • Easy to use like Wahoo’s bike computers, minimises button presses


Buy: Wahoo Fitness.com


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