Wrong Result – Photo Finish Women's 2012 Olympic Triathlon

The Human Race triathlon - running - geograph....
Source BBC

I’ve seen the photo and I thought the winner was the person whose chest/shoulders cross the line first…that was the Swede on the nearside

For me Norden’s (Swedden) shoulders are ahead. You can’t see her chest because of the uber-large finish tape. The Swiss (Spirig) gets the result but bizarrely it seems her hips cross the line first…I always thought it was the chest/shoulders that counted. If the shoulders are ahead its more likely that the chest is too. Should be a dead heat due to an impeded photo in the photo finish IMHO.

In fact I would imagine that the chest/hips photo finish issue is not even in the rule book for triathlon unless it explicitly adheres to athletics protocols and rules.

They both seemed happy enough though.

I was really rooting for Helen Jenkins, perhaps more than any other Team GB athlete. She seemed to be spent for the run which was a big shame. I reckon she lost it when she was in the chasing bike pack; having to lead out too much to catch the leaders. Similar to the men’s road race scenario. The domestique with the lead group should have taken the lead and then immediately slowed the pace several times rather than hanging at the back of the lead pack…either that or drop back to the chasers to bring Helen up. Still, what do I know? I’ve only raced in non-drafting triathlons and not part of a team.

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