Garmin Forerunner 630 – News or NO News

Garmin Edge 20 and Edge 25 – *NOT* the 630

Still no official word from Garmin on the expected Forerunner 630 (635).

If Christmas sales are on the cards then any announcement would need to be in the next few weeks probably.

An announcement now for a spring release is possible but might detract from Christmas sales. So if we don’t hear soon we could be kept waiting for a few more months.

On the ‘news’ side of things, I’ve spoken to a UK retailer’s buyer and he certainly knew what I was talking about but they are under a news embargo and would not confirm anything.

And that’s the rub. If there was going to be an announcement then there are probably hundreds (thousands) of people who know about new products before we do.

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5 thoughts on “Garmin Forerunner 630 – News or NO News

  1. Yesterday I read and even answered back to a @GarminFitness tweet which confirmed that the Forerunner 630 (that seems to be the official name) will be launched at the end of the 4th quarter of this year, aka christmas.

    They removed the tweet. Probably the leak was not intended. It seems that the announcement is imminent though

  2. Any idea if it’ll have a sealed charging connection? The 620 is flawed in several design areas, but having exposed connectors that leads to malfunctions due to sweat-adherence (who would’ve thunk it?), it’s hard to continue to take Garmin seriously.

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