Garmin : Project DragonflyM ?

I had this interesting image passed to me recently (ty @G) and I’m not sure of what to make of it

Because of where the image came from and the circumstances in which it was used, @G suspected it was linked to Garmin beta testing a new product and ‘M’ would denote music. #Possibly. I certainly think that Garmin will continue with the music theme for some time to come.

On the other hand, DragonFly is the name of a marine competitor product. So maybe it’s DragonflyMarine but then why the image of the Garmin running watch? And, in any case, this was definitely being used for running with.

And that running watch image does look familiar, kinda Forerunner 620-like – although not quite a 620 from the representation of the strap.

My Guess: Hopefully true but I suspect not

Remember? I had a recent awesome tip-off that a well-known sports watch player is dabbling with WearOS. Maybe it’s Garmin? It’s not, but maybe Garmin are making a WearOS watch as well?

Garmin – A WearOS Watch? Perhaps. More detailed speculation



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