Evans Cycles | Pinnacle Radium Cycling Shoes Review – surprisingly good for the low price

Evans Pinnacle Radium Cycling Shoes ReviewPinnacle Cycling Shoes Review & Quick Look


At an introductory price of £50 a pair, these road cycling shoes are great value for money, perhaps more correct pricing is rrp£99.

The new Pinnacle Range of shoes is Evans Cycles foray into the UK cycling shoe market. There are a limited number of colours and mens/womens options of the following shoe types

  • Pinnacle Radium – A Road shoe for use with cleats
  • Pinnacle Maple – MTB shoe for use with cleats
  • Pinnacle Cedar – General purpose, non-cleated riding shoe

These are a freebie to me from the same PR company that Wahoo uses. I will give them to a friend who doesn’t seem to mind the sweat from 50 miles of me using them! (Each to their own). If you buy from the link further below I get nothing as Evans Cycling stopped their affiliate program some time ago and this review is certainly not paid for. I buy all my own cycling gear.

Pinnacle Radium Cycling Shoe

A sound pair of road cycling shoes for cheaps.

What’s not to like?

Evans Pinnacle Radium Cycling Shoes ReviewThe BOA-like dial is great for tightening and fine-tuning your fit. OK two dials are better in an ideal world on a £200 pair of shoes but a bit of velcro near the toe is a better way to keep the cost of manufacture down whilst not materially impeding ease of tightening.

The upper is well ventilated and the sole has drain holes for when the upper lets the rain in 😉

Rubbery bits on the base of the sole at the toes and heel aid walking a little although I’m not sure how durable the material will turn out to be. Even on more expensive shoes, it tends not to last too long.

The sole is fairly stiff but certainly not super-stiff. Super-stiff soles aid power transfer and reduce power loss but these are pretty good on that front in any case.

The material inside the shoe is nice enough and the inner material at the heel adds a tad of friction to help keep the heel in place. In fact, the heel cup is relatively good at locking in the heel too. Again this aids comfort and reduces power loss.

Yes I know they are very white and heavily branded, nevertheless, I think they look good.

I’m a bit of a cycling shoe snob and wouldn’t buy these myself but they are probably nearly as good as the £300 pair that I have. For non-serious road cycling, they are perfectly fine.


  • £50 Price is a bargain, £99 less so.
  • Looks
  • A perfect shoe for normal road cyclists
  • Just a sensible set of useful shoe features.


  • Not suitable for triathlon, too snug
  • Not a performance racing shoe
  • Two dials would be better
  • Stiffer sole would be better

Evans Pinnacle Radium Cycling Shoes Review



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