Some Running Events in New Zealand

The land of New Zealand seems to place their sports activities and health as their top-notch priority. This land of hobbits, sheep, orcs offer miles of tracks to their citizens to take part in some of the best running events in the world. In the beauty of nature that the country beholds, citizens find themselves racing enthusiastically across the Great Trail Lake, native bushes, etc. What seems even more appealing for the runners is the presence of an array of running tracks surrounding mountains, forests, beaches, farmlands, etc.

Some Running Events in New Zealand

New Zealand Masters Games

It is possibly the “longest” and “largest” multi-sport event that is held in New Zealand. Over 5,000 participants take part in the series of events such as triathlon, running or walking, relay, and duathlon.

The competition in itself is celebratory in nature and takes over nine days with participants competing across 60 sporting codes. As of 2022, the event marked the 33rd of its course and was supposed to be held between the alternates of Dunedin and Whanganui.

Lake Crichton Series: Race 2

The Lake Crichton Triathlon and Duathlon mark the three-race series held across the famous Crichton Lake. Both groups and individuals can take part in the events, without any age or experience bar. Both the triathlon and duathlon follow two distances or events-short and long.

The triathlon begins with the Crichton lake swim, followed by a road bike and an off-road run. The duathlon follows the same trajectory, except for the short run while finishing.

Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon, Half Marathon-10k, and 5k

Runners are of the opinion that the Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon, a half marathon is perhaps the most scenic race across the world. These race categories for both long distances(10k), and short distances(5k), almost everyone can participate.

The road traverses across the main Mt Cook road, followed by the beautiful lake, mountain, and the stunning glacial landscape

Coast to Coast

This is a multisport event held across the South Island of New Zealand. Founded by Robin Judkins in 1983, this event covers two days.

Held in the month of February, this iconic event covers the scenic Kumara Beach, traverses across the East Coast, and finally finishes off at the Pier in the beach of New Brighton, Christchurch.

Pigs Backyard Ultra

Runners suggest that the Pigs Backyard Ultra is one of the most interesting running events since there is neither a time limit nor a distance limit.

Usually organized at Silverstream Reserve, Whare Flat in Dunedin, the event features a loop of ‘trail beside a water race’, an ‘a bit of mud’, ‘stream crossings, native NZ bushes, and also wild pigs. Runners are expected to complete each loop of 6.71k per hour.

Organizations that Help in Organizing the Running Events

Such huge events cannot be possible without the cooperation of the government, as well as other organizations, since huge quantities of funds need to be needed, along with track layouts, emergency care, etc.

Several non-profit organizations such as the Achilles New Zealand, Otago Community Trust, etc. have joined hands with the Ministry of Health for the organization of such events. The NZ gambling firms and fashion brands also play an important role in the organization of such events.

NZ Gambling Companies

Gambling companies such as Casino Deps, Spin Casino, Jackpot City Casino have a huge strong point of financial exchange during the running events. Companies such as the Aotearoa Gaming Trust are dedicated to upholding social responsibilities and funding social events.

Moreover, sports betting at the events is legalised owing to ‘The Gaming and Lotteries Act’, 1977. Hence, large sections among the audience place bets on their trusted participants, out of which large revenues are generated.

Fashion Brands

One of the largest fundraisers comes from fashion brands. Not only do they get their promotions from the participants wearing their brands, but they also fund a large number of events, as well as promote themselves via posters, and large hoardings.

During the events, the fashion brands witness a positive boost in their marketing due to manufacturing sportswear for both men and women, shoes, compression sleeves, etc. Further, some of the fashion brands also fund several promising athletes.

Ministry of Health

Perhaps the highest support of the running events in NZ comes from the Ministry of Health. Besides availing the physical activity resources that you can track via special running apps on a primary level, this sector also takes up the responsibility of spreading awareness regarding health and fitness among the citizens.

Several organizations such as Sport New Zealand, Regional Sports Trusts are funded by the Ministry of Health, each of which plays a key role in the running events statistics. They also avail the ‘parks and council-run sports facilities’, gears of active transport, such as bikes, cycles, etc. Prior to the events, the Ministry of Health also releases ‘Eating and Activity’ guidelines.


Running is beneficial for both mind and body. And the citizens of NZ quite know it well. The set of running events promotes the importance of health. And consequently, the benefits of sound health are protected by both the Ministry of Health, and the media.

Running events have also taken the grounds of financial dealings, promoting a positive boost on both the gambling agencies, as well as the sports fashion industry. NZ also serves as a reminder to the world how a healthy body and mind is a nationwide concern and needs prioritisation.

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