Bryton Rider 460 – competition for the Garmin Edge 140

bryton rider 460 review comparison gps bike computerBryton Rider 460

Bryton has made a statement of intent at the entry level of the GPS bike computer market with its latest model, the Rider 460 (£130)

Rider 460 is reasonably well specified but what stands out most to me are: Bryton has adopted a conventional shape; 32-hour battery life is very good; maps look straightforward and clear…very much in the mould of earlier Wahoo ELEMNT devices that I liked.

I also love the inclusion of support for all types of cycling sensors including rear smart RADAR lights, e-bike and power meters plus yet another company’s attempt to mimic Garmin’s ClimbPro feature which is a great headline grabber but perhaps not always as often used as cyclists expect.

Bryton Rider 460 Specifications


  • Size: 53.8 x 79.8 x 12.6mm
  • Weight: 58g
  • Display: 2.6″ monochrome LCD 128x160px, No touch screen, 8 data pages
  • GNSS: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS
  • Barometric altimeter: Yes
  • Climb Feature: Yes
  • Auto features: Auto-pause, Auto-lap
  • Navigation: Basic
  • 3rd Party Sensors: Bluetooth, ANT+, speed, cadence, heart rate, power, radar Di2, eTap, EPS, K-FORCE WE, E-bike, Smart trainer
  • Supports automatic activity uploads to Strava
  • Waterproofing: Basic (1m, up to 30 minutes)
  • Battery: 32 hours of use, charging with USB-C

Bryton Rider 460 Take Out

Rider 460 is capable but the features look artifically restricted

Hopefully, Bryton has ironed out some of their quirks from previous models. Certainly, it looks that way from a hardware perspective as they have now adopted a normal visual standard.

The £130 price tag sounds superficially attractive but I think that kind of price level is where the lesser-known brands need to target much better-featured units. To me, the Rider 460 is a Sub £/$/Eu100 bike computer when you compare it to the excellence of the smaller Edge 130+ at GBP190/$200.

I’m expecting a new Garmin Edge 140 within months. That will be a similar price to the Edge 130+ but with even better features.

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2 thoughts on “Bryton Rider 460 – competition for the Garmin Edge 140

  1. Awesome what they did with the map, replacing a scale image map viewport with a logical diagram of upcoming turns and intersections. Really not sure it will actually be good (1), but it’s awesome that they tried finding a middle ground between breadcrumb and full map. Middle ground that might happen to be just the right thing given the screen size. I would not bet on it, but this could be their Bolt moment.

    ((1) and it’s very much a possibility that effective quality will vary a lot between regions, think US grid cities vs tiny Bavarian villages where in some places you have trouble even identifying the road because they just paved all the space between houses, everybody who lives there just knows where the pavement is not a cul de sac yard)

    1. idk about bavarian roads but there is an outside chance of a Bolt moment I suppose.
      there seems to be some great battery lives coming out of asian devices (along with the igsport), they must be using the gen of screen after garmins to save on energy consumption??? the gps chips are/will be the same, batteries similar or the same

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