Firmware updates galore

Garmin 935 Wahoo Tickr Fit

There seem to be a nice little spate of firmware hitting the interweb thingy around about now.

  • Suunto 9 – is now on v2.1.54 (from 2.1.42). Although there often seems to be quite a variation of versions that people have. v2.1.54 mysteriously delivers performance and stability improvements. Those updates are always better than the ones that make performance and stability worse.
  • Regular SPARTANs are upgraded from 2.0.40 to 2.0.42 with the 3 Fitness now on v 2.2.18 and it is helpfully stated for the 3 Fitness that, “We’ve also fixed some little bugs.” Source:
  • COROS Pace is about to release a new version (c30Jun) for VO2max, fit export, STRAVA FIT sync, triathlon FIT sync, pace alerts and other stuff. No mention of ANT+ sensor support.
  • Amazfit Stratos goes to (Source: XDA) Changes: – Multilingual support; – Heart rate zones customisable; – Optimized HR and step algorithms; – Optimized distance algorithm; – Bug fixes and optimized system stability; and – Auto pause for activities

Now. Let me think…was there anything else???

Oh Yes. this.

This is the possibly the most exciting thing that has happened in my life since the arrival of my first pet in a cardboard box and the birth of my first child. It could, possibly, eclipse all my IMAGINED sporting greatness in one fell swoop. This could restore my faith in the kindness of people and intelligence of our politicians. It might pre-empt mankind setting foot on Mars. It could mean that Garmin has embarked on its path to charitable status.

OR. Just OR. It could be “a bit rubbish”.


I hope not.


PS: I keep pressing SYNC on Garmin Express but am still on vesion 9.10. I am waiting to go out for a run. This is getting annoying.


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