Wandr vs. STRAVA Legends plus live date for STRAVA Legends USA & Europe

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Wandrer vs. STRAVA Legends plus live date for STRAVA Legends USA & Europe

STRAVA Legends is going LIVE in USA, Europe, Brazil and Japan on Wednesday 15th July.


Some more info below from STRAVA via twitter on the LEGENDs ROLLOUT and also a fun new take on STRAVA LEGENDS from the film DOWNFALL at the end

But what is WANDR?

STRAVA Wandrer app

Sorry, is local legends too boring for you? You could instead use this free site https://wandrer.earth/ which gamifies the opposite of local legends and rewards you for going to new places. You can even donate to the developer if you were feeling kind. This is more of a Global Legends or non-Local Legend feature!

Here we can see the travels of the mysterious Athlete3647, who is one of the leading athletes on the STRAVA leaderboard and who has covered an impressive 0.0899% of the Earth’s roads. S/he is 8th on the overall leaderboard and you can see some of their stats and also where they’ve been on a bike (allegedly). These travels look highly impressive and the traveller in me wishes to emulate some of these great routes one day.

It’s also an interesting site for route discovery. If you look at where some of the leaderboard leaders have ridden then you will find that many have done some of the more epic routes around various countries and, perhaps, you could use some of their routes as an indication of just the possibility of rides, say, on the coasts of Scandinavia or across Europe.

Me? I’ve racked up an unimpressive total of 245km of new roads this entire year and don’t even qualify for the leaderboard. I keep plugging away though and WANDRER tells me how many new KMs I do on each ride,like this

Try it: https://wandrer.earth/


Updates on STRAVA Legends


Essential Reading: Who are STRAVA Legends? more info here

There have already been some notable rejections from the STRAVA Legends applications list, are you on there too?



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