Shoe Lace Pattern Optimisation – Ideal lacing pattern for running shoes

Different Running Shoe Lacing Patterns For Optimal Performance

There are several ways runners can lace their shoes for optimal advantage. Some of the lacing patterns could give a performance benefit, and others might simply reduce pain.

Let’s say you have minimalist super shoes like Nike VaporFly or AirFly. Those Nike shoes do not have a supportive heel cup worth mentioning and might benefit from the HEEL SLIPPING lacing pattern shown below.

My problem is the occasional black toe on longer runs. Part of the solution for me was always to use Toe Thingies, which are mini condoms for your toes (yikes!). Another alternative I like is a pair of Injinji Toe Socks. However, the most elegant solution could be a shoe-lacing pattern that reduces inward tightening pressure in the toe box area (see the blue image below, possibly also the yellow one which is the one I use).

My partner has high arches, and, well, the HIGH ARCHES lacing pattern seems to be the one to go for there!

Another lacing conundrum is when and how to use elasticated laces in races. The best advice is to avoid elasticated laces except when racing or in race prep (for triathlon or duathlon) where the speed of shoe change is vital for a good race. But we will probably all ignore that advice and my preferred mitigation is either the HEEL SLIPPING lace pattern or some other mechanism for ensuring the elasticated laces are tight. You could tie a permanent knot in the elasticated laces but they normal come with a slider. If the slider slips, tuck it underneath the top cross-lace which holds it in place.



Credit: @TotallyFuelled

Credit: @TotallyFuelled

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