Garmin Connect gets beefed up with AHOTU

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Garmin Connect gets beefed up with AHOTU Event Links

TL;DR – You are now more likely to be able to find your upcoming event in Garmin Connect and add it to your calendar and race plan

Ahotu, the world’s largest sports calendar for endurance sports, has teamed up with Garmin to make it easier for athletes to discover and book their next event. This partnership will integrate Ahotu’s extensive event database into the Garmin Connect app, giving athletes access to a wealth of information about upcoming races, including distance, location, and registration details.

What is Ahotu? Ahotu is a comprehensive racing calendar that provides athletes from all over the world with information on more than 70,000 endurance races globally. The calendar contains different formats, such as running events, triathlons, and cycling races. It also provides organizers with tools to promote their events.

How does Ahotu benefit Garmin users?

  • Access to a comprehensive database of endurance events

  • Easy event discovery and registration

  • Integration with Garmin Connect training plans

  • Discover new events: Ahotu’s extensive event database allows Garmin users to find races near them and around the world. The calendar includes a variety of filters to help athletes find events that match their interests and goals.

  • Register for events: Ahotu provides direct links to event registration pages, making it easy for Garmin users to sign up for their next race.

  • Train for events: Ahotu integrates with Garmin Connect, allowing athletes to access training plans for their chosen events.

How to use Ahotu with Garmin Connect: You shouldn’t have to do anything new once the linkup is live. Go to Garmin Connect>Training & Planning> Races & Events> Find An Event and find an event as you may previously have done. AHOTU events are already there as the platform is listed as an official source…

In addition to the benefits listed above, Ahotu also offers a number of other features for Garmin users, including:

  • The ability to create custom training plans
  • A race results tracker
  • A community forum where athletes can connect with each other


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