[2024] Eight Sleep Pod 4 – First Thoughts – Now Silent, Stops Snoring

dual-sided smart temperature control varies by preference and sleep stage

Eight Sleep Pod 4

It’s just over 18 months since the release of the last iteration of Eight Sleep’s sleep management system. Pod 4 offers significant upgrades to attract new users but perhaps none that are worth upgrading for.

It’s a highly respected, high-end product, used by many types of people ranging from elite athletes to those wanting improved sleep…and me! I’ve used it for over a year, love it and recommend it for those who don’t want to wear a gadget to bed to capture sleep metrics.

Tl;DR – Gadget-free sleep metrics. Smart, sleep-tuning at its best. Dual-sided smart temperature control varies by preference and sleep stage

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Eight Sleep Pod 4 – What’s the Same?

Eight Sleep still has smart detection of your sleep metrics. From this, it automatically optimises the bed temperature to your sleep stage to improve the quality of each stage of your sleep throughout the night. Each side of the bed does this independently.

The pod cover rejuvenates your existing mattress, prolonging its life by providing sustained comfort – Eight Sleep is a water bed. Whilst it remains expensive, there is an argument that you save over £/$1000 avoiding the need to buy a new, high-quality mattress.

eight Sleep Pod 4 system Overview ultra

Eight Sleep Pod 4 – What’s Changed?

The biggest change with Pod 4 Ultra is snoring detection and mitigation, meaning that when one person is detected as snoring, Pod 4 Ultra adjusts the position of one side of the bed to stop the snoring.

The next biggest change is silent operation. I found Pod 3 made a slight humming noise, that helped me sleep but would annoy others! With the addition of SILENT OPERATION, a new group of customers will be willing to move to the Eight Sleep Pod 4 models.

Pod 4 offers a more powerful temperature control feature that can heat and cool to deal with extremes of room temperature.  Whilst this requires more energy, overall it should lead to energy savings from turning down the heating/cooling of your house. There’s also a handy new way to control the temperature by tapping the bed rather than going through the app, though I’m not sure of the usefulness of this as I prefer to know what temperature was set.

Eight Sleep now claims 99% accurate sensor data. The earlier Pod 3 was also scientifically validated (here)

Finally Pod 4 Ultra has an elevation mechanism that can be manually adjusted for reading and sleep, and used in the automatic mitigation of snoring.

eight Sleep Pod 3 vs Pod 4 comparison to Pod 4 Ultra
eight Sleep Pod 3 vs Pod 4 vs Pod 4 Ultra

Eight Sleep Pod 4 (Ultra) Discounts, Review, Availability

Pod 4 is available globally and as an upgrade for existing Pod owners.

  • Eight Sleep Pod 4 DOUBLE Discount – use the code THE5KRUNNER to get an additional discount of between $/£50 and $/£100 plus the introductory discounts automatically applied to prices on the Eight Sleep Site
  • Pod 4 ULTRA attracts a TRIPLE discount with the code ULTRA50 (should be automatically applied)
  • Upgraders from Pod 3 (and maybe Pod 2) should get a bigger discount with $/£500 off.


Pod 4 prices range from $2499 – $2699 depending on mattress size and Pod 4 ULTRA from $4049 to $4149. Get $500 off if you are an existing member.

buy eight sleep pod 4 discount ultra comparison



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