new Strava Upload limit – #annoying

new Strava Upload limit – #annoying

There was always a limit when uploading manually to Strava. You could only select 15 workouts at a time but you could repeat that a few times if you hadn’t sync’d for a while.

The new limit appears to be a maximum of 15 per day and, yes, I did try logging out and logging in again.

Well. That’s annoying.

Garmin calls me Elite – misleading or motivating?

My Strava Accounts

I have my personal Strava account where I link and share with real people in my name and I’m a subscriber on that account. That account has automated links to a couple of places, it’s #about right’ and I’m not totally fussed if there is an occasional missed upload or duplicate.

Then I have an account for the5krunner which has umpteen duplicates from umpteen automated links and is a total mess.

Finally, I have an account dedicated to HRV4Training. I manually upload to this as I want to be 100% sure the data is correct and there are no duplicates.


Your Strava Accounts

I would imagine that infrequent Strava users might not have a subscription account. Such people would periodically upload files as needed. What better way to annoy these potential customers than to restrict their uploads and cause gaps in their data history? there probably is a better way to annoy them with a triviality but I can’t think of it right now 😉


Take Out

The old limit of 15 files at a time for an upload makes sense and stops spam-like activity. Perhaps it stops the Strava server from overloading at certain times of the week?

Why introduce this new daily limit just to annoy people? (me)

Does this affect you? Is it the same on mobile as Windows desktop?




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3 thoughts on “new Strava Upload limit – #annoying

  1. LOL. Why would you make your life so unnecessarily complicated 🙃 of the terrible feature strava has introduced I’m afraid only are affected by this wildcard my friend. Challenges!! Someone pull the damn plug on those damn challenges. Urgh what an utter waste of everyones time and visual attention. I even read a post where someone said the sole reason they used garmin connect was to collect their bagdes for various activity types. I couldn’t imagine a more no sensical pointless motivation if ever there was one

  2. Probably aimed at some specific form (or forms) of abusive activity spamming that we don’t have on our radar because the mechanism works well enough. I guess this triple accounts scenario is well past the improbability threshold to ever be addressed. In a perfect world they’d have a mechanism for support staff behind the “contact support” link to greenlight accounts, perhaps with a default for accounts with a non-trivial amount of premium subscription history to filter out whatever spam scheme they want to fend off. But is that mechanism something we could reasonably expect?

    They can’t even offer an opt-out mechanism for the pointless “weekly snapshot” ( ) and the ridiculous wording on the message indicating that an upload arrived ( )

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